SAS® Software as a Service (SaaS)

Defined methodologies. Proven best practices. Tangible results.

Take advantage of new technologies quickly.

We offer standardized, off-the-shelf solutions available for immediate use to give you tangible results.

Make fast, accurate business decisions with SaaS offerings from SAS.

Get uninterrupted access to the specific SAS software you need.

Risk-Free Entry

Our defined SaaS offerings provide risk-free entry that supports your cloud-first strategy.

Fast Deployment

Get up and running much more quickly with easy access to SAS software, so you can get fast answers from your data.

Help From SAS Experts

Harness the power of world-class software to get deep analytical insights, and leave the implementation details, technical management and support to the SAS experts.

Competitive Advantage

Our high availability enables you to focus on the task of deriving value that gives your organization a competitive advantage.

Stability, Reliability, Agility

Our SaaS offerings provide stability, reliability and agility with a secure, dependable infrastructure and analytics software from one trusted supplier. Get peace of mind and a stable platform on which to drive your in-house analytics capabilities.

Support for Your Analytics Team

Spend your budget on your analytics team instead of hardware support staff.

Look Who's Working Smarter With SaaS From SAS

SAS & Compliance

Meeting industry and accessibility standards so our organization – and yours – can stay in compliance.

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