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Achieve excellence in analytics with a platform that supports diversity, enables scale and promotes trust.


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What is an analytics platform?

An analytics platform is a software foundation that's engineered to generate insights from your data in any computing environment. Built on a strategy of using analytical insights to drive business actions, this platform supports every phase of the analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment.

Advantages of the SAS® Platform



  • Makes analytics accessible to anyone seeking insights from data – regardless of skill or experience â€“ via a rich interface.
  • Easily tackles both modern and legacy data types so you can unify the data you need to generate successful actions from analytics.
  • Handles analytical problems of any size or complexity with an extensive suite of proven methods.
  • Executes in a cloud, on-site or hybrid environment. Deploys seamlessly to any infrastructure or application ecosystem.
  • Adapts to the full spectrum of analytics and data challenges you face, and embraces open source technology with interfaces to consistent, governed code.
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  • Scales from small to exceedingly big data, in motion and at rest, at the edge and in the cloud.
  • Provides processing power optimized for analytic workloads that is easily transferable and right-sized for both physical and virtual hardware environments.
  • Industrializes analytics for thousands of concurrent models and simultaneous users. Gives you fast, traceable results with centralized monitoring and governance.
  • Ensures continual insights with IT-controlled, enterprise-class analytics fortified with failover protection, infrastructure pooling and high availability.
  • Delivers answers from complex analytics fast, taking advantage of parallel, in-memory and distributed computing environments, and a common, governed code base.


  • Integrates the entire analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment. Delivers a traceable results path from start to finish, visible to any audit. 
  • Ensures resilience to infrastructure changes with portable code, along with built-in intelligent defaults and automated analytics tasks. 
  • Builds on the experience and expertise of more than four decades of deployments in virtually every industry, applying analytics to myriad business issues.        
  • Verifies the accuracy and validity of analytical results with a rigorous testing framework and proven domain practices.
  • Includes security features to help guard against potential areas of vulnerability with options for passwords, data and users.
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Who benefits from the SAS® Platform?

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Business Management

  • Operate from trusted results that are vetted and consistent.
  • Meet changing business demands with a strategic investment that addresses any analytical challenge.
  • Foster an environment of innovation and value with analytics designed for easy deployment.
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IT Management

  • Confidently manage your analytics assets – and quickly incorporate new data sources, systems and environments – using a preconfigured suite of tools.
  • Centralize control to easily extend, monitor and refine analytics applications for rapid distribution.
  • Adopt a new infrastructure and business processes with transportable analytics assets that work alongside well-established practices and existing skill sets.
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Why choose SAS?

Scalable software based on 40-plus years of addressing the diverse needs of enterprise analytics. Trusted by the world's top organizations to produce results that make a difference. Industry-recognized leadership in advanced analytics. Innovation driven by customer needs. Continuous platform enhancements that protect investments in analytics. Market-leading analytical methods that deliver superior performance and value.

Experience the power and possibilities of the SAS® Platform with a free software trial.

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