SAS Forecast Server

SAS® Forecast Server

Generate large numbers of high-quality forecasts automatically




Perform large-scale forecasting – no coding required. An appropriate forecasting model is chosen. Parameters optimized. And huge volumes of forecasts are automatically produced. There's no need for human intervention unless desired.



Don't write code unless you want to.

You get easy access to the power of SAS forecasting with the SAS Forecast Studio GUI. No need to manually code your models. And because SAS Forecast Server operates in both interactive and batch environments, user skills and needs determine whether the interface or a batch job is most appropriate. More advanced users can access an even fuller set of capabilities using the SAS programming language.

Reduce the chance of personal bias.

Millions of statistically based, trustworthy forecasts are automatically generated. This makes large forecasting processes more manageable and lets analysts focus their time on the most important (or problematic) forecasts. Large-scale automation also means less manual intervention. This reduces the chance that organizational politics or personal agendas will contaminate the forecasts.

Deliver forecasts that reflect reality.

Business drivers, holidays or events that aid the forecasting process are automatically selected from supplied variables. So forecasts better reflect the intricacies of your business. An appropriate model for your data is automatically built, delivering forecasts that are as accurate as can reasonably be expected, given the nature of the behavior being forecast.

Plan more effectively for the future.

A virtually unlimited model repository makes it possible to create more appropriate forecasting models for a wider range of behaviors. And planners can test what-if scenarios and determine how they are likely to affect future demand. Graphics help you visualize the effects of holidays, sales promotions and unexpected events so you can better plan future activities.



SAS Forecast Server
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Scalability and modeling
  • Easy manageability
  • Interactive time series exploration and analysis

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