SAS® BookRunner®

Proactively capture, analyze and simulate market and credit risks associated with energy commodity price volatility

SAS BookRunner provides organizations with the ability to proactively capture, analyze and simulate market and credit risks associated with energy commodity price volatility.

Through an integrated energy trading and risk management (ETRM) framework, SAS BookRunner delivers a portfolio-level view to measure, manage and control energy risk. This front-to-back-office solution includes deal capture, data integration, advanced predictive analytics, compliance reporting and a full suite of sophisticated risk modeling tools.

SAS BookRunner offers modules for commodity capture, portfolio risk management and advanced analytics using a single graphical user interface. The flexibility of the new modular approach allows for easy integration into most environments.

SAS® BookRunner® Components

Commodity Capture

Manage multiple-commodity portfolios of any size or complexity.

Advanced Analytics

Accurately model and assess market and credit risk in a company-specific framework.

Analytics Workbench

Run analytics and build models of credit and market risk in a centralized environment.

How SAS® is Different

Provides central storage for all commodity trades and physical positions.

Trading organizations tend to have best-of-breed approaches to commodity trading. SAS BookRunner provides a robust data model to store and aggregate data from disparate systems, providing a single source for reporting and analytics.

Easy input and data access with support for industry standards.

SAS BookRunner provides XML upload and download facilities accessible from SOAP Web services. This makes SAS BookRunner SOA-compliant and eases the integration effort with other systems.

Robust commodity capture via a user-friendly interface.

The interface of SAS BookRunner is written as a Rich Internet Application. This provides rich-client functionality inside of a Web browser, so no software is required on the users' machines.

Harness the power of SAS Analytics.

SAS BookRunner takes full advantage of SAS analytics. Furthermore, it provides an interface for other SAS analyses to be consumed from within the application.

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