Consulting Services

Tackle your most ambitious analytics projects and achieve real results.

Backed by decades of experience, SAS consultants use data and analytics to help you evaluate opportunities, design analytics strategies and implement the right technology solutions. Our tailored services put you on a path to success.

Move to the cloud.

Cloud services we offer:

Hosted Managed Services provide SAS software deployed on an infrastructure that has been tuned specifically for each customer and comes with dedicated high-touch service and support. We guarantee 99% uptime, so you can rely on the availability of your SAS software. 

Remote Managed Services is an option if you're unable to host your solution off-premises and have a preferred cloud provider in place. It provides monitoring and management of SAS services while keeping your data on-site or enabling you to use your own third-party cloud provider. We'll remotely monitor and manage your solution 24/7 to resolve issues quickly.

SAS Consulting has been with us throughout our analytic journey – whether it was advising us as we looked to establish our global analytic center of excellence, working alongside us as we consolidated and centralized our customer data, or configuring the SAS technology that has enabled us to transform our approach to marketing. Director of a global analytic center of excellence for a major travel services retailer

Learn who our consultants are and how they work.


Finding success with AML customers

Meet Jim West, who works in our compliance and anti-money laundering area leading a team of consultants.


Consultants aiding customers in transition

Meet Mario Weitenbacher, a consulting director responsible for service sales in the DACH region of Europe.


Helping customers digitally transform

Meet Alfred Mukudu, a senior manager for services delivery who has experience in digital transformation.


  • 为您最重要的业务挑战匹配最适合的技术解决方案。
  • 将现有的IT基础架构与新的技术和解决方案快速整合。
    • 有效实施和调优应用程序和业务流程,解决特定挑战,抓住特定机会。
    • 持续评估技术的部署 ,获取最大价值回报。





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