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SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud

Ensuring on-shelf availability through a hyperaccurate demand planning service. Now available for consumer goods and grocery sectors.

Planning ahead for shopper needs in uncertain times just got easier.

Detect forward-looking demand signals and get recommendations for balanced, profitable commercial plans across all your channels, categories and customers. SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud is fully automated, providing you with insights for solving business problems without having to worry about complicated cloud operations.

Why choose SAS on Azure for predicting and planning consumer demand?

Increase your revenue

2% – 5%

with agile, short-term forecasting techniques.

Improve on-shelf performance

30% – 50%

by responding faster to rapidly shifting regional differences and channel preferences.

Reduce time to finalize forecasts up to


using automated analysis driven by machine learning.

Reduce storage requirements


with the efficiency of cloud deployment.

Take the Guesswork out of Demand Planning

Stay a step ahead of your customers with automated analytics that turns consumer insights into action.

AI-powered demand plans

Self-tuning demand plans ensure the right products are stocked at the right time in the right locations. Our machine learning AI keeps you a step ahead.

Short-term demand sensing

Automated analytics turns consumer insights into actions that keep you ahead of customers.

Collaborative planning

Balance and reconcile commercial goals across every department. Scale and flex capacity according to your business cycle.

Always available analytics

With secure, always-on analytics, you can focus on the results, not the complexities of computer infrastructure.

The most comprehensive demand planning solution – at your fingertips

Want to stay one step ahead of your customers? SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud gives you a more accurate view of demand and keeps you on top of supply chain fluctuations, all for a predictable subscription cost with no hidden fees. 

Now you can predict and plan consumer demand with confidence.

Reap the rewards of fast deployment & rapid time to value

This as-a-service offering gets you up and running quickly with predictable costs and no hidden fees.

Easily load & cleanse data

Our smart data quality and loading tools will test, clean and upload your sales and inventory data in a snap.

Generate the most accurate plans, no data science skills required

Get demand plans you can trust. We continually track accuracy across every plan, product and store, and models self-tune using machine learning when needed.

Get demand plans at any level you need

Plan for marketing, regions, seasons, assortments and more. Our flexible planning capabilities can handle and connect them all.

Consume & share forecasts with ease

Visualize data the way you want with rich, in-worksheet analytics. API connectors and microservices provide the connective tissue for enterprise integration.

Work from the store, from home, from anywhere

Access your plans anywhere at any time in the trusted SAS Cloud via smartphone, browser or prebuilt dashboards.

Only pay for what you need when you need it

Need extra horsepower to plan for the holidays or a new product launch? We’ll scale up or into other regions when you need it.

Scale up as your business grows

Start with one product line, one demand planner, one chain. When you’re ready to take on more, our solution grows along with you.

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