SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management

Enhance law enforcement and public safety with a structured environment for collecting, managing and analyzing intelligence data.

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Empower everyone – from front-line officers to high-level command officials – with fast access to better quality intelligence for deterring threats, combating crime and protecting national security. As a complete operational law enforcement platform, SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management provides data management, advanced analytics and operational solutions for gathering and managing intelligence, conducting complex investigations, and improving investigative processes and workflows.

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Conduct more efficient, productive investigations.

Significantly improve all investigative processes – from low-level crime inquiries to complex major incident responses. Investigative workspaces facilitate collaboration, compliance and efficiency. Interactive visualization and fast, flexible search capabilities help analysts and investigators build, gather, explore, visualize and manipulate data pertinent to their investigations, and get real-time results based on the most up-to-date information. Findings are easily documented by capturing views of search visualizations to narrate maps, timelines, networks and other content, providing a complete view of all information relating to a subject. 

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Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness across your organization.

Our intelligence and investigation management software provides a single platform for automating operational tasks and enabling agencywide analysis of activities and threats. The IT staff benefits from powerful data integration, data preparation and user management tools. Crime analysts can identify and explore complex networks across multiple data sources, and over variable time periods, using automated analytics and visualization tools. Detectives and investigators can use collaborative workspaces to share information, as well as manage investigations and tactical activities from a single platform. And the command staff can get real-time intelligence on ongoing incidents, specific investigations, key initiatives, resource utilization, department effectiveness and more from a customizable, easy-to-use interface.

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Govern the entire intelligence life cycle with a single, integrated solution.

Our intelligence and investigation management software provides all functions a modern intelligence environment requires based on internationally recognized best practices. A powerful, web-based interface and open data model enable you to configure the solution to meet your agency's data collection and business process requirements. Workflow processes support all levels of activity, from basic input to complex intelligence development, while integrated alert generation facilitates triage and workload prioritization. Role-based access controls ensure that data is only accessible by authenticated and authorized users. And an automated audit trail provides a detailed view of all actions performed in the system.

Key Features

  • Data integration and management. Accesses and processes large volumes of complex structured and unstructured data in a variety of formats from disparate internal and external sources – quickly, ac­curately and reliably. 
  • Advanced analytics. Provides access to a broad set of advanced analytic techniques – social network analysis, timeline analysis, text analytics and more – from an easy-to-use interface.
  • Search and discovery.  Enables fast, accurate searches – including structured, unstructured and geospatial – across a wide range of formats, and delivers real-time results to users based on the most up-to-date information.
  • Entity analytics. Delivers powerful, automated entity extraction and resolution capabilities, and shows entity closeness, betweenness and influence to highlight potential areas of interest.
  • Alert and intelligent case management. Provides a comprehensive decision management function that uncovers events of interest and triggers alerts through advanced analytics, business rules, scenarios and integration with third-party systems.
  • Surveillance. Provides an intuitive interface for authoring scenarios that uncover events of interest and automatically generate alerts in the appropriate queue for analyst review. 
  • Investigative workspaces. Facilitates collaboration, efficiency and compliance with interactive visualization and search components that enable self-service data imports, analysis, indexing, visualization and report generation. 
  • Administration and configuration. Provides an open data model and web-based administration interface for customizing the solution – e.g., designing interfaces, components and screens for displaying and working with data – to meet current requirements and to adapt to changing needs.


    See SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management in action.

    Learn how our intelligence and investigation management software can benefit law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and see a demonstration of some of the solution's key capabilities.

    SAS Viya


    This solution runs on SAS® Viya®, which has the breadth and depth to conquer any analytics challenge, from experimental to mission critical. SAS Viya extends the SAS Platform to enable everyone – data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives alike – to collaborate and realize innovative results faster.

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