SAS Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Helping students gain in-demand analytics skills.

Develop a bachelor's-degree program using SAS® to give students a strong analytics foundation.

Why develop a bachelor's degree program using SAS®?

  • Help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to get a job in an analytical field.
  • Prepare students to enter an advanced analytics program to more deeply develop their analytical skills.
  • Give students a competitive advantage in the job market by giving them the No. 1 analytics skills employers seek.

Bachelor's Degree Program Criteria

  • Analytical courses in your undergraduate program must use SAS software, though you may use other software in addition to SAS.
  • Your undergraduate program must offer project-type courses and provide students with opportunities to use real data.
  • Courses can include SAS teaching materials, which are provided free of charge.

How do I get started developing a bachelor's degree program?

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