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SAS AppDev Studio

SAS® AppDev Studio™

A comprehensive environment for cost-effectively developing superior business intelligence applications and solutions

SAS AppDev Studio is an application development product that supports the creation of Java applications that leverage the back-end business intelligence and analytics power of the SAS server.

It offers a uniquely broad range of capabilities for quickly and cost-effectively developing applications in a variety of languages and platform choices


Develop intelligence applications cost-effectively, without risk.

Using SAS AppDev Studio, developers don't risk hindering production because they don't need to involve production systems in the development cycle. Nor do they require expensive hardware to mimic production. Instead, they can build and test applications on their desktop PCs or laptops.

Develop intelligence applications faster.

SAS AppDev Studio includes a rich set of ready-to-use Java components and APIs that can be leveraged from SAS AppDev Studio Eclipse Plug-ins (which are included with the software) or from a third-party Java IDE. These powerful conveniences help reduce development time.


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SAS AppDev Studio
  • Standalone application development environment
  • Flexibility to develop multiple types of applications
  • Java components to use SAS and facilitate development
  • Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Powerful set of quick-start templates
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