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Drive digital transformation through advanced analytics with embedded AI.

The SAS Vision for Banking

Why choose SAS® for banking analytics?

Banking as we know it is disappearing, and the entire financial ecosystem is undergoing radical change. Digitalization, fintech, regtech, open banking, data privacy and regulatory compliance technologies are all playing a part. SAS believes that surviving banks will be hyperintelligent, AI-driven organizations that can provide personalized, trusted customer experiences, as well as meet risk and compliance mandates. SAS delivers proven value, and we can help you unlock AI’s vast potential for your digital transformation. With SAS, your future is certain.

SAS acquires Kamakura Corporation, a leading provider of risk management software and data for the banking and insurance industries.

Banking Analytics Solutions

Ensure your bank's success in an evolving digital world. Leverage analytics, AI, cloud, open banking APIs, fintech and regtech technologies. Manage increasing regulatory demands. Stop fraud in its tracks. Maximize return on capital. Achieve operational excellence. And create personalized customer experiences that increase engagement.

Risk Management

Establish a risk-aware culture. Optimize capital and liquidity. Meet regulatory demands.

Fraud & Financial Crimes Compliance

Ensure superior detection and protection. Enable better prevention. Meet compliance demands.

Customer Experience

Personalize each customer interaction. Gain customers' trust. Create customer experiences that matter.

Customer Success

Banks Working Smarter With SAS®

  • Moving faster in the marketplace by managing risk

    Bendigo and Adelaide bank uses SAS to gain a single platform view of credit risk, which allows business units to access the information needed to create new products, engage existing customers and attract new ones.

  • Using advanced analytics to transform the consumer banking experience

    SAS helps CIMB Singapore get a 360-degree view of customers to unlock valuable insights for holistic decision making. As a result, the bank has improved customer engagement and uncovered more revenue opportunities.

  • Turning stress testing into a competitive advantage with advanced analytics

    One of the most highly rated banks in the world, Standard Chartered Bank uses SAS to meet stress-testing requirements, as well as calculate the impairment cost of a crisis and the resulting impacts on the bank’s income statement and balance sheet. This has allowed the bank's risk analytics capabilities to gain both scale and scope.

  • Understanding the needs of banking customers in the digital economy

    Jyske Bank uses SAS to plan everything from traditional events to email campaigns and digital advertising. Learning is built into the platform, so the digital sales team can better understand how different types of communication affect each customer and which channels to use. The bank can track the influence in real time and adjust the approach as needed.

  • Rapidly exploring and analyzing data in easy-to-interpret reports.

    OTP Bank Romania, one of the largest financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe, uses SAS to gain on-demand insights for making well-informed decisions. By introducing predictive analytics into its modeling and portfolio management activities, the bank can ensure control over the quality of loan originations, achieve more accurate prediction of business and risk outcomes, and meet profitability targets required for its loan portfolios.

  • Transforming bank operations with advanced analytics and AI in the cloud

    SAS is helping the National Bank of Greece pursue digital transformation backed by advanced analytics in its quest to become more agile and modern while improving profitability. The bank has also prioritized relationships with customers to become the bank of choice for businesses and private individuals.

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    Who benefits from using SAS for banking analytics?

    Explore how banking analytics solutions from SAS with predictive analytics and embedded AI capabilities are helping meet a range of strategic business needs.

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    Accelerați-vă transformarea digitală

    Inteligența artificială

    Satisfaceți cerințele clienților și nevoile de respectare a cerințelor legale mai rapid, mai precis, mai eficient și mai economic.

    Gestionarea datelor

    Obțineți o perspectivă completă, integrată și de încredere asupra tuturor datelor privind întreprinderea – inclusiv date mari – și eliminați instrumentele și sistemele redundante, care se suprapun.

    Cloud Computing

    Încercați aceeași agilitate pe care o au și clienții dumneavoastră, cu ajutorul unei game complete de oferte și opțiuni de implementare de cloud.

    Dezvoltați-vă strategia de analiză de date. Activați digitalizarea și accelerați inovarea folosind o platformă AI de analiză și gestionare a datelor care rulează pe o arhitectură scalabilă nativă în cloud.  

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