Angie Edgington
Senior Industry Consultant

Product quality is even more important in today's connected world as customers can quickly and easily share their experiences with everyone. The connected world also means tremendous growth in telematics and other IoT data streams to inform you about the performance of your processes and products. These are exciting changes, but they can also be overwhelming.

Business leaders and quality professionals are keenly aware of the impacts product quality has on business performance and on customer experience. Negative experiences can tarnish a company's reputation and positive experiences can grow market share. These business impacts make it more important than ever to gain insights from the multiple streams of data and make the right business decisions.

As an industry consultant, Angie offers perspectives gained from 25 years in manufacturing and insights from multiple manufacturing companies. She can bring relevant ideas and best practices to your organization to help you get the most from your data and drive the business results you are targeting.

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