SAS & Snowflake

SAS and Snowflake enable organizations to seamlessly enhance, extend, and activate customer data in Snowflake.

Focus Area
Data management
Marketing analytics
AI and Decisioning


SAS and Snowflake help organizations do more with their data through seamless integrations with:

  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Snowflake, which includes SAS Data Connector to Snowflake and enables the loading of large amounts of data to the CAS server for parallel processing.
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360, which leverages Snowflake data for SAS’ powerful marketing capabilities, enables marketers to seamlessly enhance, extend and activate customer data with the ability to connect directly to their Snowflake customer database – without the need to lift and shift the data.
  • SAS Viya, which helps train models with SAS Model Manager or SAS Intelligent Decisioning and publishes them to Snowpark Container Services (in private preview).
  • SAS Data Maker, which provides data augmentation and data generation in one powerful tool, with the capability to simulate demographic information, emulate record creation, mimic certain events, and develop protocols across a variety of industries.

Curious to learn more about how SAS and Snowflake integrate?

In the demos below, watch how you can stream data between SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and Snowflake in real time or on demand, or how you can easily publish trained models from SAS Viya in Snowpark Container Services.

Synthetic Data Generation (25 seconds long)

Watch a short demo of SAS Data Maker inside the Snowflake environment.

Snowflake + SAS Customer Intelligence 360  (13 minutes long)

Craig Kestecher demos the seamless integration between SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and Snowflake. See how to stream marketing data, digital activity from SAS into Snowflake on-demand, and select and upload Snowflake audience data directly from SAS.

Snowpark Container Services + SAS Viya  (4.5 minutes long)

Robert Ansah, Senior Product Manager at SAS, demos how SAS Viya can be used to deploy models into Snowpark Container Services to create a production scoring service.

SAS Viya Best Practices with Snowflake Data  (26.5 minutes long)

Robin Thomson, Product Manager at SAS, addresses some of the best practices and functionality of how SAS Viya harnesses data from the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Customer Case Study

1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. helps customers express, connect and celebrate with SAS Viya on Azure.

By adopting SAS Viya on Azure within Snowflake, and using SAS Customer Intelligence 360 together with Snowflake, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM now has a modern, scalable, cloud-based analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), marketing and data management platform to support its growing business. View case study here.


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