SAS® Data Management for Midsize Business

Manage data as a valuable corporate asset

SAS Data Management for Midsize Business is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that lets business users independently access and integrate all types of data from various internal and external systems.

It eliminates duplication and errors to improve overall data quality and reliability – providing a clear understanding of your business, customers and suppliers. Priced right for small and midsize businesses, the flexible solution is available in four different versions so you can start with what you need today and grow as you go. Choose from basic, pro, desktop or server-based SAS Data Management for Midsize Business.



Get an accurate, unified view of all your data.

This comprehensive data management solution includes proven technologies for data access, integration, quality assessment and improvement.

Reduce risks and lower costs.

With a broad, integrated set of data management capabilities from one vendor, there's no need for complex and costly multivendor, multisystem integration projects.

Make faster, better decisions.

By using common business rules, data definitions and standards across the organization, data consistency and reliability are strengthened.

Choose a flexible solution that grows with you.

Take a graduated approach to data management. Start small by assessing and improving data quality, then expand by integrating all types of data – structured and unstructured. You can even get started on a master data management initiative.

Give business users self-sufficiency.

Easy-to-use interfaces let nontechnical users work independently, without coding – freeing IT from tedious data integration and maintenance tasks.



  • Four versions available: Basic, pro, desktop and server-based.
  • Data profiling and monitoring.
  • Data quality.

  • Data integration.
  • Master data management foundation.
  • Single, interactive interface.

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