SAS® Business Intelligence for Midsize Business

Provide self-sufficiency to business users and reduce total cost of ownership

SAS Business Intelligence for Midsize Business is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that integrates data from across the organization and provides self-service reporting and analysis capabilities to users of all skill levels.

It includes a complete portfolio of business intelligence capabilities, so there's no need to rely on disparate solutions from multiple vendors.

What we deliver is hospitality – that's our passion and our business – and SAS has helped us through the logistics to deliver it with a higher degree of confidence.

Ross Twiddy
Marketing Director
Twiddy and Company


Make business users self-sufficient.

Business users interact with data in a point-and-click environment to surface relationships, find facts and investigate patterns – to make faster, better decisions without depending on IT. Out-of-the-box tools make it easy to perform analyses, run queries and build reports.

Free IT from tedious tasks.

A single, centrally managed metadata server provides consistent metadata, business rules, data and security definitions, eliminating the need for maintenance in multiple places and formats. A full BI portfolio avoids complex, multivendor system integrations and deployments.

Rely on accurate, consistent data.

With data that delivers a single version of the truth and is easily traced back to the source for proof of reliability, you can speed information discovery and improve results.

Monitor and manage organizational performance.

A secure, role-based portal controls user access to information. Dashboards display KPIs to show organizational performance at a glance, while automated alerts help you monitor performance and take corrective action if needed.

Reduce cost and complexity.

A comprehensive, consolidated portfolio of BI capabilities simplifies and lowers the cost of licensing, integration, maintenance, training and support, and delivers a breadth of BI capabilities to address all types of users' needs.



  • Portal and customizable dashboards
  • Business visualization
  • Web-based reporting and distribution
  • Query and analysis

  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Business metadata management
  • Guided analysis with SAS® Enterprise Guide®

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