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Marketing Planning

Centrally manage your marketing life cycle with speed and agility.

Discover how consumers, brands and technology will evolve through 2030.

How SAS® Delivers Marketing Planning

Embed marketing resource management directly into daily marketing processes.

Adaptive, agile planning methods

Plan top down, bottom up or a combination of the two. Conduct comprehensive planning at a variety of levels – brand, product, program or campaign – with the ability to adapt quickly and easily.

Analytically informed planning

Integrated attribution, market mix modeling, data unification and embedded analytics are provided at the point of need. Make better, more agile decisions and use your budget more effectively while making real-time adjustments.

Cross-team & cross-application collaboration

Public APIs and UI-level connectors support integrations with other martech and collaboration systems. Contributors can work independently, accessing SAS solutions as the main source of control and collaboration.

Why choose SAS for marketing planning?

Streamline marketing planning

Manage all marketing processes across your business for greater consistency, efficiency and effectiveness – from marketing strategy development and planning to content creation, journey activation and post-campaign analysis.

Integrate planning with execution

Integrate planning activities with channel execution – including web, mobile and email delivery. Marketers across your organization can better align and understand how each activity connects and grasp the financial and timing implications of each task.

Get campaigns to market faster

Align staff around a common marketing enablement infrastructure. You'll spend less time managing communications between disparate departments and more time executing lucrative campaign activities.

Collaborate more effectively

Make the most of your assets by fostering collaboration among marketers with an integrated infrastructure that facilitates process and content sharing.

Boost ROI & accountability

Gain complete visibility into time frames, costs, overruns and performance via calendars, approval-based workflows and contextual reporting.

Want to learn more?

We can help you get started with SAS Customer Intelligence 360. Tell us a little about yourself and a SAS marketing expert will get in touch to learn about your specific needs.

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