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A Shot in the Arm - SAS Health and Life Sciences (view blog)
Customer Analytics - Evolving relationships (view blog)
Data Roundtable - A community of data management experts (view blog)
Generation SAS - Tips for students and educators (view blog)
Graphically Speaking - Data visualization (view blog)
JMP - the offical JMP software blog (view blog)
Key Happenings at support.sas - Updates in SAS online support (view blog)
Left of the Date Line - Analytics from Asia Pacific (view blog)
SAS User Groups - Events, papers & presentations (view blog)
SAS Voices - News and views about SAS products, people and ideas (view blog)
State & Local Connection - State & local governments using data to serve & save (view blog)
The Analytic Hospitality Executive - Analytic solutions to your forecasting, pricing, and operational challenges (view blog)
The Analytic Insurer - Solving customer, risk, fraud and operational challenges in insurance (view blog)
The Business Forecasting Deal - Exposing bad practices and offering practical solutions (view blog)
The Corner Office - where SAS executives post their thoughts on global business, analytics and technology (view blog)
The DO Loop -  with an emphasis on SAS/IML programs (view blog)
The SAS Bookshelf - The latest in SAS books, documentation, tips, and publishing trends  (view blog)
The SAS Dummy - A SAS® blog for the rest of us (view blog)
The SAS Training Post - tips & tricks, certification advice, and classroom reports from SAS trainers (view blog)
Value Alley - From strategy to process to repeatable value creation (view blog)

For a complete list of SAS blogs and bloggers, visit blogs.sas.com.