Octo Telematics


Octo Telematics
Peter Bretton

Dan Marks

Telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry

The global agreement between Octo and SAS aims to accelerate the intake of telematics into mainstream insurance products and create even more value for insurers and consumers at a time when usage-based insurance products are mature for mass-market adoption.

The two companies will exploit state-of-the-art technology and joint research and development to drive the development of new analytics algorithms and services. This means that insurers will receive additional consumer insight, improved customer-relationship management services and more accurate personalized pricing options, along with a more predictable risk database. Consumers, in turn, will enjoy improved and better-priced custom policies with more advanced safety features and value-added services.

United States

Automotive, Insurance

Focus Area
IoT, Analytics, Big Data, Data Management