SAS among the best employers in Brazil

For the fourth consecutive time, the company is among the top three companies ranked by Top Employers 2016

In a ceremony held Tuesday evening, March 8, at the Hotel Unique, SAS, the market leader in Analytics, was again recognized as one of the best employers in Brazil. For the fourth consecutive year, the company is among the top three in the ranking of the Top Employers Institute, a global certification that recognizes the most efficient human resources initiatives. In all, 26 organizations were certified after passing through rigorous analysis of the practices and HR policies.

According to Tato Athanase, HR manager of SAS Brazil, valuing employees as the main asset of the company is essential to create a healthy and productive work environment. "We are delighted with this recognition, and even more with how we manage our talent. We believe that employees should be treated as individuals, each with their own needs and desires. That’s why close monitoring is so important," he says. "The results are directly reflected in great business results for SAS," adds Athanase.

The company provides a wide range of staff and career development programs, policies to promote well-being and employee benefits. Along with the overall organizational culture of the company, these programs create a motivational and healthy environment nurture a motivational and healthy environment. Among the most visible programs are:

  • Training within the company: Training, courses and workshops for all employees, with appropriate certifications and monitoring of results.
  • Health: Healthy foods available in the office, nutritionist monitoring, gym subsidy, life insurance, health and dental plan.
  • Wellness: Recreation area with games and lots of choices of food and drink, massage room, manicure service, flexible working hours, six months maternity leave and ten days paternity, plus financial, legal and pension counselling.
  • Career: Allowances for language courses; grants of up to 80 percent for undergraduate, graduate, masters or doctorate in any educational institution (within set limits); mentoring program and career tracks.
  • Encouraging middle and high school success for employees’ children: Students who maintain average above 8.0 in the academic year receive a SAS subsidy in three monthly installments.
  • Mommy Care: All necessary assistance to support SAS employees who are new mothers, including support of a multidisciplinary team of health providers; following up on the health of the baby and mother and clarifying doubts; home visits by a nurse to advise on diapering, bathing and breastfeeding.
  • Celebrating a new employees: New employees receive at home a personalized welcome letter with information collected in the selection process and a bottle of champagne.

    With the Top Employers certification, SAS employees can feel valued as a key element in building an environment that combines best practices with a great working atmosphere. For the SAS HR manager, that means the entire company acts as a market reference, attracting new talent and engaging those who already work for the company. "This recognition shows that we are on the right track by investing in our most important asset: the employee. Companies that believe in human capital make the difference, "adds Athanase.

    To maintain certification of Top Employers, SAS annually promotes organizational environment surveys and presensts the major areas for improvement to an executive committee. Certified companies must achieve and maintain a high standard of career conditions and working environment, ensuring a position within the selected group of Top Employers Institute. Further information is available at

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