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SAS® Asset Performance Analytics

Harness IoT and sensor data to maximize asset performance.

Accurately predict events that could cause outages or degrade performance, so they won't sabotage your production goals. From batch data loads to real-time, streaming IoT data, our solution analyzes sensor data to boost uptime, performance and productivity while lowering maintenance costs and reducing your risk of revenue loss.


Reduce downtime.

Automated monitoring and predictive alerts help you avoid major defects, prevent long downtimes and address potential performance issues before they escalate. Workflows and case management capabilities speed problem resolution.

Optimize maintenance cycles.

Move toward a predictive maintenance model, using timely alerts to prompt maintenance teams to address issues during scheduled outages in a planned, cost-effective way. This enables you to repair or replace assets at the optimal time.

Improve root-cause analysis.

Quickly and accurately identify root causes using advanced analytics to detect hidden patterns in the data. Standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities, along with comprehensive case management workflows, enable you to troubleshoot and correct performance issues faster and more effectively.

Enhance data visibility.

Visually explore integrated data from MES, ERP, CMMS and other systems, and make the data accessible to a wide range of users. Enhanced data visibility makes it easy for analysts to monitor and model asset performance.


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  • Enterprise asset-performance-centric data model.
  • Automated monitoring and alerting.
  • Predictive modeling.
  • Descriptive analysis.

  • Reporting and KPI dashboards with drillable alerts and reports.
  • Support for asset replacement decisions.
  • Hadoop and SAP HANA data storage.

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