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Artificial Intelligence and
the Internet of Things

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Intelligence anywhere. Anytime.

Data without analytics is value not yet realized. By bringing analytics to wherever there is data, everyone and everything will be able to make  more intelligent decisions. Fueled by data and aided by analytics, organizations can uncover new relationships, identify never before seen patterns, automate tasks and gain new understanding of the world around us.

Artificial intelligence = analytics innovation

Data is all around us. The Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors have the ability to harness large volumes of data, while artificial intelligence (AI) can learn patterns in the data to automate tasks for a variety of business benefits.

SAS® leads the pack for analytics innovation in a breadth of industries where we experience the human benefits of smart vehicles, smart stores and smart cities. SAS works with major vehicle manufacturers, helping them equip cars and trucks of the future to be safer and more responsive to human needs and interaction. And SAS helps analyze streams of biometric data flowing from wireless, wearable medical devices that allow patients to remain at home while under a physician’s care instead of enduring long hospital stays.

SAS has been delivering AI and machine learning technologies to customers for decades. We continue to innovate AI capabilities in contemporary areas such as deep learning, computer vision, natural language, forecasting and optimization.

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SAS has the ability to bring together the data scientist community like no other solution can.

Shawn Hushman, VP of Decision Sciences of Cox Automotive

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