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Summer and year-round internships

SAS’ internship program provides a unique summer experience in our Cary, NC headquarters. For 10 to 12 weeks, you’ll partner with mentors to work on meaningful projects that make an immediate impact. From contributing code to ensuring product quality for our Fortune 100 customers – the sky is the limit. Both technical and non-technical internships are offered to students with degrees ranging from computer science to business marketing. SAS also hires students local to our Cary office for part-time, year-round internships.

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Summer fellowships

The SAS summer fellowship program is open to doctoral candidates in areas such as computer science, statistics, financial engineering and mathematics. You’ll work closely with professional engineers and computer scientists who develop software used throughout the world. Fellows participate in research, development, numerical validation and testing, and documentation in various areas including statistics, risk, text analytics, econometrics and operations research. The program provides an excellent opportunity to explore software development as a career choice.

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R3 summer internships encourage diversity

Diversity has proven to be an invaluable resource at SAS for creating a culture of innovation. One of our greatest diversity outreach tools is the R3 program. These summer internships symbolize our commitment to recognize, recruit and retain women, minorities, veterans and the disabled in professional fields. Students work with mentors and take part in professional training sessions that provide the foundation to be successful in a global corporate culture. Ultimately, our goal for the R3 program is to create a career pathway that leads to employment with SAS.

Recruitment for the R3 program takes place August to October.

Get the confidence you need in a competitive job market.

"This internship has ultimately served as a gateway to launch my career as a full-time employee at SAS with the User Experience Design team, where I currently utilize skills learned and the relationships built during my experience in the R3 program."

Khaliah Cothran, Sr. User Experience Designer, SAS

“In one summer, the SAS Internship program transformed my college knowledge into the foundation needed for a successful career. Working with a team that respected me as a colleague, instead of the intern, was a unique experience. At SAS you work on the projects that are valuable to the company, which gives you the confidence and skills required to succeed anywhere.”

Alanna Howard, Digital Marketing Specialist, SAS

"From the first day that I stepped onto the campus I felt as if my peers valued my thoughts, valued my time, but more importantly, valued me as a person. Every morning that I put on my badge, I know that I work for a company that values diverse ideas, techniques and people.”

Shawn Guy, Business Systems Analyst, SOPS Sales Operations, SAS


Why wait until you graduate?

There are opportunities right now for students to prepare for a career at SAS. SAS® Analytics U helps you get started with free access to basic analytics and statistics right on your computer. Free video tutorials teach you the basics of SAS programming and statistical analysis. And there’s even an interactive online community where you’ll find forums and software support.


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