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El líder mundial en analítica pone a tu disposición una arquitectura moderna y abierta que puede hacer frente a cualquier reto analítico, desde uno experimental hasta uno de misión crítica. SAS Viya es un entorno sencillo preparado para la nube que resultará útil a todos: desde científicos de datos hasta usuarios de negocio, desarrolladores de aplicaciones o directivos. Todo ello gracias a un control y una gestión analítica fiable, escalable y segura que resultan esenciales para agilizar el entorno TI.




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¿Por qué optar por SAS® Viya?

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Un entorno analítico moderno

Video thumbnail showing Oliver Schabenberger, CTO of SAS

A Modern Analytic Environment

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Agilidad y control coherente

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More ROI from Big Data


SAS® Viya Products

SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

Boost analytical productivity and solve your most complex problems faster with a single, integrated in-memory environment that’s both open and scalable.

SAS Visual Investigator shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Visual Investigator

Address a wide variety of intelligence analysis and investigation management needs using advanced analytics and machine learning technology in a single, cloud-based investigative analysis solution.

SAS Visual Analytics (on SAS Viya) shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Visual Analytics
(on SAS® Viya)

Visually explore relationships and patterns in data – smartly, quickly and easily – using interactive data discovery. And illuminate critical insights with self-service analytics.

SAS Visual Statistics shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Visual Statistics
(on SAS® Viya)

Delve deeper into different types of data with a powerful, in-memory offering that lets you create, compare and refine descriptive and predictive models on the fly.

SAS Visual Forecasting shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Visual Forecasting

Manage organizational planning challenges with a solution that automatically performs large-scale hierarchical forecasting and supports open source and SAS coding in a single environment.

SAS Optimization shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Optimization

Evaluate alternative actions and scenarios with a powerful array of optimization modeling capabilities and solution techniques.

SAS Econometrics shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Econometrics

Analyze, describe and predict issues related to economic and financial systems by applying advanced mathematical and statistical methods.

Analytics as a Service from SAS shown on desktop monitor

Analytics as a Service from SAS

Get the power of SAS Viya through on-demand cloud deployment. Embed public REST APIs into custom applications, and focus on building apps instead of testing, assessing and comparing algorithms.

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Ventana Research 2016 Technology Innovation Award Winner

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