Telecom Fraud

Mitigate fraud attacks, reduce losses and increase competitiveness.

How SAS Helps Detect and Prevent Telecom Fraud

SAS® advanced analytics solutions help telecom, media and technology companies address dynamic fraud challenges using the latest hybrid analytics techniques to combat subscription fraud, dealer fraud, revenue share fraud, SIM boxing and more. Our software also scales to manage credit risk assessment, collections and revenue assurance.

Subscription fraud

  • Prevent asset and airtime losses.
  • Uncover high-risk applications using big data analytics.
  • Detect impersonation and synthetic identities.
  • Improve profitability by reducing fraud losses.
  • Stop fraud upstream at the point of customer acquisition.

Dealer fraud

  • Identify dealer fraud schemes linked to new accounts.
  • Uncover fraudulent commission claims.
  • Detect collusion around asset misappropriation and bonus payments.
  • Assess dealer accounts to determine their propensity for fraud and bad debt.

Procurement integrity

  • Reinforce stock control processes and prevent fraud or waste.
  • Prevent monetary losses from invoice payment malpractice.
  • Establish strong governance across accounts payables workflows.
  • Mitigate internal threats and abuse.

Credit risk optimization

  • Distinguish between bad debt and fraud.
  • Improve credit scoring through fraud data analytics.
  • Provide a 360-degree view of a customer's onboarding risk.
  • Optimize debt recovery and collections processes.

Why do TMT companies choose SAS for detecting and preventing telecom fraud?

SAS can help you stop fraud in real time, while ensuring operational efficiency, safeguarding the customer experience and optimizing resource allocation. Using advanced hybrid analytical techniques, including AI, SAS delivers both short-term results and strategic value, enabling organic growth and helping you secure the future.

Establish a framework to combat fraud

Siloed lines of business can result in gaps that are readily exploited by fraudsters. SAS offers decision makers and operational teams a holistic approach to fraud management through an end-to-end solution ecosystem.

Optimize credit risk management

Fraud isn't always apparent in defaults and bad debt statistics, and industry estimates suggest up to 10% of bad debt could be fraud. SAS can help you optimize your credit scoring processes to isolate fraud cases.

Reduce customer friction & boost profitability

Our fraud offerings, powered by cutting-edge hybrid analytics, are designed to detect fraud while ensuring a seamless onboarding process for genuine customers to safeguard the customer experience.

Fight fraud by operationalizing AI

Harnessing AI is key to embracing the future with confidence. With more than 40 years of experience delivering AI solutions, SAS can help you achieve greater efficiency, automation and accuracy throughout your fraud management processes.

Detect call traffic fraud with an analytics toolkit

You hold a gold mine of data that can be used to offer value-added services and improve customer service. Our in-depth, market-leading analytical capabilities can help you distill insights from CDRs and other sources into intelligence you can act on.

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