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Deliver game-changing outcomes with sports analytics from SAS

Sports Data Analytics From SAS

Communicate with your fans at the right time, through the right channel, with the right message. Empower your athletes to perform at their best. And make confident decisions at every moment of the game. Sports analytics from SAS lets you transform data into valuable insights for better decisions on fan engagement, player performance, venue optimization and profitability.

Customer Success

Better performance with SAS

  • French national rugby team boosts performance with AI and analytics

    The French Rugby Federation counts on intelligence gleaned from SAS® Viya® on Microsoft Azure to guide coaching decisions and enhance player performance.

  • Growing membership through better strategic decisions

    British Rowing uses data and analytics to better understand the rowing community and encourage grassroots participation across the country.

  • Delivering a winning fan experience with machine learning

    The Orlando Magic uses mobile app data and machine learning from SAS to personalize marketing campaigns and analyze game data.

  • Sending targeted communications to 3.6 million football fans

    SAS helped KNVB set up a complete marketing analytics platform for fully data-driven segmentation of fans, volunteers, associations and active players, and more personalized communications.

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    How SAS delivers sports analytics

    Fan, venue and athlete data is growing exponentially. Data pours in from multiple sources, including digital communications, cameras that capture every moment during competition and wearable technology that measures athlete health and performance. Analyzing this data is essential to accelerating digital transformation and enabling proactive decision making.

    That’s why stakeholders from industry-leading sports organizations rely on sports analytics from SAS with embedded AI. This winning combination enables you to extract valuable insights that can lead to greater profitability. Better player health and performance. Increased fan engagement. And improved venue optimization.


    Optimize strategies for seating, ticket pricing, merchandise and more.


    Predict fan trends and personalize marketing campaigns.


    Find new sponsorship opportunities and add value to existing partnerships.


    Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of opponents and players and improve recruiting.


    Analyze and improve athlete performance.


    Increase revenues, decrease expenses, manage budgets and produce higher ROIs.

    Enabling technologies

    Data Management

    Having good data is essential to unlocking valuable insights. Use proven solutions for data integration and access, data quality, data preparation, data governance and event stream processing.

    Marketing Analytics

    Sports organizations, leagues and federations should know and treat fans the way retailers know and treat their customers. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is the industry-proven solution that lets you apply analytics to every step of the customer journey for better connections and deeper insights.


    Find the best seating layouts, optimize league schedules and identify the most effective pricing strategy to drive additional revenue.

    Internet of Things

    Sensor data (e.g., from GPS trackers) needs to be processed at high speed and in real time. Our IoT solutions provide you with the power and performance to do so.

    Cloud Analytics

    Maximize efficiency with a complete range of cloud offerings and deployment options. Get to better decisions faster, in the cloud.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI has been an integral part of our solutions for years. Take the lead by applying technologies like machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing to provide more intelligent, automated solutions.

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