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Internet of Things in Health Care

Optimize the digital patient experience.

Internet of Things Health Care Challenges

Patients today expect more personalized interactions as well as customized therapies that are effective and cost-efficient. Health care systems can be overwhelmed by the flood of rich new data sources, including social media, wearables and medical devices (known as the Internet of Medical Things, or IoMT). The digitalization of the health care industry – from patients to clinical infrastructure – provides unprecedented opportunities to transform delivery and meet the challenges of cost, quality and access.

How SAS Solutions for IoT in Health Care Can Help

Manage and analyze your IoMT data where, when and how it works best for your patient. Deliver the best patient experience – in real-time. Understand which data is relevant and private, so you'll know what to store and what to protect. SAS delivers trusted, automated internet of things health care analytics solutions that can help you:

  • Maximize value from IoMT data. Identify and leverage data sources that provide tangible insights into enhancing patient care, streamlining processes and delivering cost optimization strategies.
  • Drive innovation in patient care and operations. Develop new business models and opportunities for data sharing and monetization with a more dynamic, open and agile platform.
  • Embed IoMT analytics within decision support systems. Reduce alarm fatigue, improve patient safety, optimize staff and patient flow, and accelerate the adoption of value-based health care and personalized medicine.

Why choose SAS for internet of things in health care?

As the leader in advanced analytics, SAS has the experience and expertise to deliver cutting-edge internet of things health care capabilities with embedded AI that enable you to:

  • Sense what matters. Perform real-time analytics on patient care data so you can act quickly and accurately to reduce alarm fatigue in hospitals, shorten wait times for patients between critical decisions, and follow patients during clinical development.
  • Understand the signals in data. Use AI to uncover hidden insights throughout the connected health care ecosystem. Combine internet of things health care data with other sources that add context so you can detect safety signals and clinical events, and proactively optimize health resources.
  • Act with speed and confidence. Enhance collaboration between clinicians, data scientists, facilities and IT leaders to optimize the care delivery ecosystem and drive better patient outcomes.

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