A powerful, flexible matrix programming language for interactive and exploratory data analysis.

Easily translate mathematical formulas into innovative programs for matrix computations, numerical analysis, optimization, simulation, statistics and data analysis.

Program easily and efficiently.

Simple syntax and an extensive function library make it easy to translate mathematical formulas into statistical programming statements. You can implement custom analyses for a variety of applications and even build your own module library. Share your programs and libraries by writing packages, and download programs written by others.

Interactively perform exploratory analysis.

Graphically explore data to spot hidden patterns, uncover relationships among variables, understand outliers and identify unusual features in the data. Dynamically linked graphics enable you to select observations in one graph and see those same observations highlighted in all other views of the data.

Run optimizations and simulations.

Find optimum values for objective functions, subject to constraints. Simulate data, solve linear systems and perform matrix computations. And there's no need to declare or allocate storage for a data matrix, because SAS IML software does this automatically.

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Understand relationships in complex data using exploratory data analysis. SAS IML software includes hundreds of functions for implementing specialized analyses and algorithms, with the ability to code from open source languages.

High-level programming language

Lets you take a programming approach to matrix-oriented operations and analysis.

Accessible, cloud-enabled in-memory engine

Uses the SAS Viya engine, which enhances the SAS Platform, providing high availability, fast in-memory processing, the ability to code from open source languages and native cloud support.

Matrix computations

Supports matrix operations, solving linear systems and matrix decompositions.

Numerical analysis

Includes built-in functions for numerical linear algebra, root-finding algorithms, integrals and derivatives, differential equations and interpolation.


Enables linear programming and mixed-integer linear programming.


Lets you simulate from dozens of built-in distributions – including univariate, multivariate and time series models – and program custom simulations, including regression and spatial models.

Powered by SAS® Viya®

SAS Viya has a completely redesigned architecture that is compact, cloud native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.


Conquista todos tus desafíos analíticos, desde los experimentales hasta los de misión crítica, con decisiones más rápidas en la nube. La última versión de SAS Viya ya está disponible en estos proveedores de nubes.

SAS Cloud

Ejecute la última versión de SAS Viya de forma nativa en Microsoft Azure, la Nube SAS gestiona toda su plataforma de análisis para un rendimiento y valor óptimos.


Microsoft es nuestro socio estratégico y proveedor preferido de la nube. Con una profunda integración y una hoja de ruta compartida, SAS y Microsoft están dando forma al futuro de la IA y la analítica en la nube.


Diseñado para ser nativo en la nube, SAS Viya está probado y aprobado para aprovechar los mismos servicios de la nube utilizados por millones de usuarios de AWS.


Con un compromiso con la innovación y los principios de la nube de código abierto, SAS Viya lleva la IA nativa y la analítica avanzada a Google Cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift

SAS Viya aporta las últimas capacidades de DataOps, AI y ModelOps a Red Hat OpenShift, la plataforma Kubernetes líder para empresas, creada para su estrategia de nube abierta e híbrida.

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