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Energy Forecasting

SAS® Energy Forecasting

Improve load forecasting performance, reduce uncertainties and generate value.

Get trustworthy, repeatable and defensible load forecasts for planning horizons that range from very short-term to very long-term. Built on our experience working with hundreds of utilities worldwide, SAS Energy Forecasting offers a broad range of automation, scalability, statistical sophistication and transparency. It enables utilities to operate more efficiently and effectively at all levels of decision making.


Get forecasts that reflect business realities, and plan future events with confidence.

Through repeatable, scalable, traceable and defensible results, SAS Energy Forecasting improves forecasting performance across all locations, at any level of aggregation. Forecasts are transparent and documented for sharing with internal partners and third-party stakeholders.

Use all your data to maximize investments in smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure.

Our expertise in data management and governance enables you to get the most value out of your data, and fully utilize data from large-scale smart meter implementation projects. SAS solutions also integrate with systems, such as data warehouses, ERP systems, GIS, CIS and more.

Do more – better – with existing planning and forecasting resources.

Designed for a broad range of users, the solution offers automatic, configurable and manual modes so you can produce forecasts and modify models interactively. Automated forecasting means less manual input and makes large forecasting processes more manageable.

Handle increasingly large volumes of data efficiently.

With SAS High-Performance Computing options, you can make discoveries, solve complex problems and deploy accurate results and information across the enterprise faster than with traditional technologies.

Make better energy trading and contract purchase decisions.

With statistical and visual indication of the likely range of forecast outcomes, you can incorporate quantifiable variability and confidence limits in the forecast when making operational and financial decisions.


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Energy Forecasting
  • Highly scalable.
  • Trustworthy forecasts.

  • Easy to manage.

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