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SAS Accredited Training Provider Program

Join our exclusive network of SAS® training providers.

Stand out as a SAS-approved provider. Deliver training your students can trust.

The SAS Accredited Training Provider program gives you the skills you need to deliver SAS training with accredited courses and certifications. We're on a mission to develop qualified, confident, globally certified trainers that deliver top-notch training – and we want you to join us. 

Tap into the SAS network
Grow your business with access to SAS Education's large, global customer base.

Become an exclusive provider
Gain an advantage as a SAS-approved provider. 

Get the training you need 
Set yourself up for success with training designed to enhance your skills and your delivery. 

Access turn-key content
Simplify teaching with expert content, including course materials, hands-on labs, a digital platform and training facilities. 

Build a fulfilling career
Teach in-demand data analytics skills that will shape the future. 

Take advantage of flexible training delivery
Teach SAS virtually or in person. We'll work with you to find the best option for you and your students.  

How To Become a SAS Accredited Trainer

Why become a SAS Accredited Training Provider? 

Access instructor enablement materials.

  • Online materials, including e-learning, course notes, slides, help you build your knowledge before teaching your first class. 
  • You'll learn from the experiences of other instructors and find SAS-specific teaching information. 

Learn with certification practice exams and prep materials.

  • We help you prepare for your exam with free resources.  
  • Practice exams allow you to test your knowledge with sample questions similar to what you'll see on the exam. 

Get a discount on SAS certifications and books.

  • We offer the SAS certifications you need to become an accredited training provider – and boost your résumé – for less. 
  • You'll get access to books for yourself or your students at a discount. 

Partner with a one-on-one onboarding coach.

  • We set you up for success by pairing you with a SAS professional who can answer your questions. 
  • We offer training tips, help with analytics concepts and more.

Receive a SAS Accredited Training Provider badge.

  • When you complete the program and receive accreditation, you'll receive a badge signifying that you're a SAS-approved training provider.
  • Earning a badge shows your students that your training meets the rigorous SAS standard for quality. 

Gain visibility for your company.

  • Your company will be listed as a preferred SAS training partner. This makes it easier for students to find your training.  
  • You may be featured in SAS marketing efforts and in the training provider database. 

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We're ready to get started. Are you?

Join our community of SAS training providers who are passionate about sharing their analytics knowledge. Tap into our global network of SAS customers, get top-notch enablement and take advantage of the program's benefits. 

Before submitting the form, you agree to meet the requirements below:

  • You're proficient and adept at teaching SAS' latest course content. 
  • As a SAS Accredited Training Provider, you will adhere to all SAS brand guidelines and policies.
  • You will work with SAS to resolve any technical or service issues on a case-by-case basis.
  • SAS will complete a due diligence process, including a background check and business/financial review.
  • You will need to maintain and renew your accreditation every two years.