SAS® Training Points

Lock in significant savings on all your SAS training needs.

Save up to 30% with SAS® Training Points

Looking for a flexible way to get discounts on SAS training? SAS Training Points allow your organization to purchase training at a significant discount. One point is equal to one training dollar, so a course that costs $1,500 will cost 1,500 points.

Prepay this amountGet this many SAS Training PointsPrice per pointSavingsGet this much extra to spend!Purchase
Prepay this amount ZAR 150,000SAS Training Points 135,000Price per point ZAR0.90Savings 10%Extra to spend ZAR 15,000Contact us
Prepay this amount ZAR 300,000SAS Training Points 255,000Price per point ZAR0.85Savings 15%Extra to spend ZAR 45,000Contact us
Prepay this amount ZAR 450,000SAS Training Points 360,000Price per point ZAR0.80Savings 20%Extra to spend ZAR 90,000Contact us

SAS® Training Points make it easy to get training when and where your team needs it.


Big Savings

Take advantage of the best standard discount available for training.

Single Budget

Receive only one invoice for all your training needs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Receive monthly updates and access to online reports to track your training points.

Ongoing Support

Enjoy a personal relationship with your SAS education representative.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin

Ways to use SAS® Training Points

SAS Training Points can be used for the following training services:

  • Public and live web courses.
  • On-site training and mentoring.
  • SAS Training Center rental fees.
  • Business Knowledge Series courses.
  • SAS certification.
  • Select conferences.
  • E-learning.
  • SAS Books.

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