Pasi Helenius
Senior Business Solutions Manager - Global Technology Practice, Artificial Intelligence

Data Scientist Pasi Helenius is always up for engaging others in discussions on how the use of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics improves business, whether it is optimizing Supply Chain, improving Manufacturing efficiency or improving the Customer Journey. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Forecasting and Predictive Analytics are his forte. Whether it’s speaking ‘nerdy’ or explaining advanced analytics in terms that are understandable to others, Pasi Helenius has experience to do just that.

Some of his recent presentations include an introduction to business forecasting using a hybrid approach that combines deep learning with an econometric approach. Such knowledge is useful for a wide range of people - from data scientists, business analysts and applied AI experts to managers, gambling experts and modelers – and beneficial for forecasting the most difficult business problems.

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Speaker engagements

2020Machine Learning for Data Scientists  SAS
2019Innovation and SAS AI capabilities On-Demand webinarSAS