Nordic Hackathon in
SAS® Viya® 2019

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In this webinar series you will meet the SAS experts enabling you to
explore the product building blocks in the #HACKinSAS competition. 

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Dates Time (PM CET)Register >belowTitlePresenter
14/01/201915:00-15:45 > Recording linkInnovation and SAS AI capabilities  Pasi Helenius
Tuba Islam
14/01/201916:00-16:45 Recording linkSAS Mobile SDK, Open SourceJoel Jönsson
Oskar Eriksson
15/01/201915:00-15:45 Recording linkSAS® Data PreparationJarmo Lindqvist
15/01/201916:00-16:45Recording linkSAS® Visual AnalyticsCarl-Olow Magnusson
16/01/201915:00-15:45Recoring linkSAS® VA & ESRI + ESRI development platformHåkan Nordlund
Daniel Ringqvist
Robby Powell
Lucas Karlsson
17/01/201915:00-16:00Recording linkSAS® Visual Statistics & SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning by Mathias Lanner & SAS® Viya®: Open Source integration and Deployment options (incl. decision manager) by Sascha SchubertMathias Lanner 
Sascha Schubert
18/01/201914:00-14:45Recording linkSAS® Visual Text AnalyticsJosefin Rosén
18/01/201915:00-15:45Recording linkSAS® Event Stream Processing with Python InterfacePatric Hamilton
28/01/201915:00-16:00Register linkCloud environment with Microsoft AzureNiels Grønning
28/01/201916:00-16:45Register linkStorytelling, How to create a video, Social Media, the hack badge…Chris Hemedinger

Some tips on the way

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Esri. Using the data-driven content feature offered in SAS Visual Analytics, users can add Web Maps to their reports and integrate the results of their SAS-based analysis as discrete map layers. > Read more

Understanding object detection in deep learning. What is object detection? As a subset of computer vision, object detection is an automated method for locating interesting objects in an image with respect to the background.  > Read more

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