SAS Law Enforcement Intelligence

Enhance law enforcement and public safety with a cloud-ready structured environment for collecting, managing and analyzing intelligence data.

Get fast access to better-quality intelligence for deterring threats, combatting crime and protecting national security.

Conduct more efficient, productive investigations.

Significantly improve all investigative processes – from low-level crime inquiries to complex major incident responses. Investigative workspaces facilitate collaboration, compliance and efficiency. Interactive visualization and fast, flexible search capabilities help analysts and investigators build, gather, explore and visualize data pertinent to their investigations, and get real-time results based on the most up-to-date information. You can easily document findings by capturing views of search visualizations to narrate maps, timelines, networks and other content, providing a complete view of all information relating to a subject.

Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

SAS Law Enforcement Intelligence provides a single platform for automating operational tasks and enabling agency-wide analysis of activities and threats. Powerful data integration, data preparation and user management tools ease the burden on IT. Automated analytics and visualization tools enable crime analysts to identify and explore complex networks across multiple data sources and over variable timeframes. Collaborative workspaces let investigators share information, as well as manage investigations and actions from a single platform. The easy-to-use, customizable interface gives command staff access to real-time intelligence for ongoing incidents, key initiatives, resource utilization, department effectiveness and more.

Govern the entire intelligence life cycle with a single, integrated solution.

Based on internationally recognized best practices, SAS Law Enforcement Intelligence software provides all the functions a modern intelligence environment requires. A powerful, web-based interface and open data model let you configure the solution to meet your agency's data set and business requirements. Workflow processes support all levels of activity, from basic input to complex intelligence development. Integrated alert generation facilitates triage and workload prioritization. Role-based access controls ensure that only authenticated and authorized users can access data, while an automated audit trail provides a detailed view of all actions performed in the system.

Get valuable insights on the go.

With SAS Mobile Investigator, officers can explore data and gain immediate insights in the field using an intuitive, interactive mobile version of SAS Law Enforcement Intelligence. Handheld access to data in the field allows officers to be more informed when attending incidents, ensuring optimal awareness and user safety. Officers can record reports and updates remotely without having to return to the office.

Find answers faster using text analytics.

Powerful language processing technology enables you to find evidence within text faster. SAS Law Enforcement Intelligence includes SAS Visual Text Analytics software, which can identify people, locations and organizations within text. Built-in rules and lists are supplied for each concept, and the ability to add new concepts provides a bespoke investigative feature, enabling officers to find, highlight and extract key words and phrases.

Record and manage evidence with greater efficiency.

Streamline evidence recording and management with the new evidence management feature. Evidence creation enables officers to log evidence in an efficient, timely and concise manner. By significantly reducing the number of clicks and amount of typing required, evidence creation capabilities enable the specifics of one piece of evidence to be reused across multiple items of evidence without the user ever having to leave the creation window.

Get to Know SAS Law Enforcement Intelligence

Key Features

A single, unified platform enables officers to efficiently and securely collect, manage and analyze information throughout the entire intelligence life cycle. As a multipurpose system that includes analytics and visualizations, the solution can be configured to meet the requirements of policing, public safety and security organizations within different regions and jurisdictions.

Built for law enforcement

Our comprehensive, innovative and collaborative software augments current policing technology. It simplifies investigative processes, use of intelligence and evidence management. Officers can record intelligence instantly, find out what they need to know faster, share information more effectively and maximize investigative opportunities.

Data insights for investigators

Gather crucial intelligence by making inferences across information siloes, bringing together various records that correspond to one real object. Pull information from a variety of sources to view coherent, filtered results for use in criminal network diagrams, briefings and tasking. Make optimal use of internal and external data sets to provide greater insight and risk evaluation.

Data preparation

Quickly prepare data for analytics using machine learning and AI suggestions – without coding, needing specialized skills or relying on IT.

Services & support

Configure SAS products to suit your needs with expert support and guidance throughout preparation, deployment and implementation to ensure continuity and quality.

Investigation & case management

SAS Visual Investigator (included) provides instant, effective intelligence analysis and investigation management via an interactive interface. It supports easy data entry and is highly customizable for action and update workflows.


A mobile version enables officers to explore data and gain immediate insights in the field, so they are more informed and aware when attending incidents. Officers can record reports and updates remotely without having to return to the office.

Visual reporting

Provides a single application for reporting, data exploration and analytics. Create customized dashboards, charts and graphs to visually represent operational concerns and trends. Management of resource workloads and choke points adds further operational value.

Text analytics

Vastly reduce inquiry times by using technology to find hidden evidence within text. Locate, highlight and extract key words and phrases. Create new investigative opportunities by uncovering insights in large volumes of text.

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