Identify payment integrity risks faster and reduce losses associated with fraud, waste and abuse of social benefits programs

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SAS Payment Integrity for Social Benefits

Detect and prevent fraud at every stage of the benefit claims process for unemployment insurance, food or cash assistance, housing assistance, child-care programs and more. Running on SAS Viya, our solution promotes payment integrity while fighting fraud and abuse with the fastest, most productive data and AI.

Get to know SAS Payment Integrity for Social Benefits

Key Features

Our unified platform for program integrity equips staff with powerful tools for analyzing, detecting and preventing payment integrity issues across various public assistance programs.

Data management

Seamlessly integrate any enterprise data source across systems, regardless of format (e.g., notes in claims files) and apply embedded data quality techniques to improve accuracy. This creates a holistic view of a recipient or provider for better detection of anomalies or discrepancies across government programs or systems.

Hybrid analytics approach

Our hybrid analytics approach combines anomaly detection, rules and predictive modeling to identify fraud, waste and abuse earlier than traditional methods.

Advanced analytics with embedded AI

Provides a broad set of advanced analytic and AI techniques, including modern statistical, machine learning, deep learning and text analytics algorithms.

Rule & analytic model management

Includes prepackaged heuristic rules, anomaly detection and predictive models. Lets you create and logically manage business rules, analytic models, alerts and watch lists.

Detection & prioritized alert generation

Calculates the propensity for fraud at first submission with a scoring engine that combines business rules, anomaly detection and advanced analytics; then rescores claims at each processing stage as new claims data is captured.

Social network analysis

Provides a unique visualization interface that lets you go beyond transaction and account views to analyze related activities and relationships at a network dimension.

Open source compatibility

Language-agnostic programming enables data scientists to access SAS algorithms via open source programming interfaces – including R, Python, Java and Lua – from applications such as Jupyter Notebook.

Flexibility & security

Offers the fast, flexible benefits of a secure, cloud-ready environment. Scales to every analytic level, and lets you choose the solution package that works best for your organization.

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