The ultimate way for Teradata customers to improve and maintain data quality.

To keep pace in today's world, you need to make smart, swift decisions. But that's impossible if the data behind those decisions is outdated, unreliable or inaccurate. With SAS Data Quality Accelerator for Teradata, there's no need to extract your data for quality improvements – the process takes place directly in Teradata, where your data resides.

Improved data quality

Enables you to implement a best-of-breed data quality solution fast – even for large data volumes.

Stronger security

Keeps data intact and in a single, highly governed environment.

Greater agility

Lets you react quickly to new opportunities and challenges as a result of your data quality functions happening inside the Teradata database.  

Seamless cleansed data flow

Offers a wide range of self-service capabilities that require no coding, including correlations, forecasting, scenario analysis, decision trees, text analysis and automated goal seeking.

Cost containment

Provides an integrated solution instead of piecemeal technology. Lets you scale processing performance as your available hardware resources increase.

Elevated productivity

Minimizes time spent on moving and manipulating data and eliminates latency in some of the most performance-intensive steps of the data quality process.

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