Get everyone on the same page. And make data decisions you can trust.

Comprehensive data governance tools for maintaining consistent data governance policies, processes and owners for your corporate information.

Enterprise governance

Maintain and manage data attributes through a common data model.

Business data glossary

Create and manage business terms and safeguard them as you see fit. Speed import of terms and relationships using CSV files.

Reference data manager

Store, manage and publish lists and hierarchies from a web-based interface that can be used across lines of business.

Visualization & reporting

Create reports and share information about data governance initiatives. Monitor data health and status of remediation issues.

Data lineage

View relationships and impact analysis across both SAS and third-party data transformation jobs, data models and other data elements.

Data remediation

Govern stewardship and other business processes via workflows; review records and resolve issues once problems are identified.

Business rule validation

Help data meet organizational standards for data quality and business processes.

Data monitoring

Use dashboards, data remediation processes and active alerts to data issues as they arise.

Application integration

Integrate data governance tools with other applications via the exposed REST API.

Security & auditability

Flag changes in metadata, enable role-based access to various data stewardship consoles and protect sensitive information. Create point-in-time snapshots of past terms to meet regulatory requirements.

Metadata management and visualization

Align business and IT with powerful lineage relationship visualization that spans the enterprise, including SAS Data Management, SAS Analytics and third-party ETL or data quality tools, tables, data models and other metadata objects.

Spend less time managing your data – and more time managing your business – with trusted data governance tools.

Control your data through better policies and parameters.

When it comes to knowing what’s happening with your data and who’s altering it, you don’t have to guess – you can know. Set guidelines around who sees what information. Enforce who makes changes – and what changes they can make. Generate snapshots of past business terms and relationships to better meet regulatory requirements. You have the power to be proactive, without compromising security.

Define terms, promote collaboration and pinpoint issues with a business glossary.

SAS Data Governance doesn’t just deliver a standard-issue glossary. It gives you a powerful, interactive repository of terms and definitions that makes it easier to flag and fix issues. You can create and manage SAS and third-party metadata – all from an integrated, workflow-driven environment. Plus you can visualize and create reports to track remediation issues or monitor data health.

Measure your success and track progress.

With built-in reporting, monitoring and validation, our data governance tools let you know if you’re succeeding, or whether you need to make changes. You can use an intuitive dashboard to monitor trends. Know when policies are being followed. And trace them when they aren't.

Manage reference data from a single location.

Setting up and maintaining reference data is easy for both business and IT. Your tech experts build a table directly into a job – and then that information can be updated by business users. It's an efficient way to keep your big data updated and accurate, even if it’s stored in Hadoop or Impala.

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