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The SAS and Teradata Business Insight Advantage Program provides an integrated analytics platform for your business processes. This is a comprehensive offering to simplify data management, accelerate analytic data exploration and gain business insights to make effective decisions.

Business Challenges

There has never been a greater need for proactive, evidence-based decisions and agile strategies. Exploding data volumes and siloed architectures keep today's powerful business analytics from fulfilling their promise. Overcoming these limitations requires organizations to:

  • Sustain a culture of proactive, evidence-based decisions by eliminating technology barriers.
  • Build a flexible analytic framework to address most critical business issues now and scale as required.
  • Derive greater value from existing technology and information assets, reducing risk and total cost of ownership.
  • Eliminate the complexity and cost for decision making by improving data quality and consistency while reducing data movement and latency.
  • Support agile responses to business, IT and regulatory challenges.

How the SAS and Teradata Business Insight Advantage Program can help

  • Aligning with IT and business with a unified environment for managing data and applying end-to-end analytics to solve complex business problems.
  • Improving performance through integration by using the SAS® Business Analytics Framework, consisting of data integration with data quality, analytics and reporting with the Teradata platform.
  • Empowering users to explore all options, determine the appropriate approach, act, evaluate and improve business decisions.