SAS® 360 Discover Features

Data collection for web, mobile applications & touchpoints

  • Collect user behavioral data from pages, screens and traffic sources across all digital properties.
  • Monitor goals, events, page- and screenviews, sequential navigations and other types of customer interactions
  • Efficient HTML tagging, Javascript APIs and SDKs enable a system that can capture data with virtually any type of digital platform.
  • Customizable data collection and transfer processes to comply with GDPR and CCPA.

Open data model

  • An enterprise-scale solution for accessing a set of structured relational tables for customer experience measurement
  • Translates raw semi-structured digital data into business-relevant information.
  • Available as SaaS, Stream or through a Download API for analytics, online-offline data integration, campaign management, real-time decisioning, and other use cases.

Post-data-collection contextualization

  • Configuration rule interface to enable, standardize and automate how digital data should be contextualized for a brand’s business model
  • Identity management services aggregate data views for sessions, anonymous prospects, identifiable traffic and existing customers while updating user ID graphs in real-time as new data is captured.
  • Join other 1st/2nd/3rd party data attributes through deterministic matching

Streaming data

  • An external API gateway allows for the streaming of events to any cloud or on-premises access point.
  • Integrate with decisioning to elevate next best action capabilities (such as real-time propensity scoring, business rules, and arbitration) to detect a significant event regarding a customer and determine the best offer to deliver based on the user's current context.

Interactive dashboards, reports & smart visualizations

  • Go directly from reporting and exploration, to analysis, to sharing information through different channels, including Microsoft Office applications, with a single interface.
  • Present data and results in the most compelling way with advanced data visualization techniques and guided analysis through auto charting.

Self-service data preparation & analytics

  • Customizable forecasting, goal seeking, scenario analysis, decision trees, text analytics, sentiment, pathing, correlation, parallel coordinate plots, heat maps, location/geo-spatial, network diagrams and other visual analyses.
  • Preparation includes cleansing, transposing, appending, joining, standardizing, partitioning and feature engineering.

Work smarter with digital data

  • Get AI-based suggestions on data preparation to work faster. Suggestions can automatically generate transformations like one-hot encoding, center and scale, and imputation tailored to your data – no coding needed.
  • Dynamically generated natural language explanations blended with forecasting, decision trees, text analytics, network analyses, pathing and other features help users better understand results.

Augmented analytics

  • Autocharting automatically chooses the graph best-suited to display selected data.
  • Automated Explanation determines which variables, dimensions and metrics contribute to an outcome, while providing a simple natural language explanation highlighting patterns and outliers.
  • Automated Prediction builds multiple machine learning for your data based on the variable you’re interested in, and derived insights are easily embedded into interactive reports.

Embed insights & results anywhere

  • Embed results of any dashboard, report, visualization or analysis anywhere, including custom web and mobile apps, so anyone within your organization can consume and explore data insights.