SAS brings security analytics to the Intel Security Innovation Alliance

Integrated solutions enhance operational efficiency and fill customers’ strategic security gaps

SAS, the leader in analytics, today announced it has joined the Intel Security Innovation Alliance. The new collaboration will add SAS® Cybersecurity, SAS’ security analytics software platform, to the partner ecosystem’s diverse portfolio of integrated security offerings.

The venture builds upon a long-standing analytics modernization relationship between SAS and Intel, combining SAS’ world-class advanced analytics platform with Intel’s computational power to help businesses tap the full potential of their ever-growing data sources. This latest collaboration with Intel Security empowers customers to harness best-of-breed prescriptive and predictive analytics to better safeguard their invaluable data assets and infrastructures from ever-advancing cyber threats.

“As analytics become a foundational component of security architectures, organizations will face the critical decision of choosing an analytics partner – a decision that must consider the ability to manage the full analytics life cycle,” said Stu Bradley, Vice President of SAS Cybersecurity Solutions. “SAS brings an unrivaled pedigree in analytics to the Intel Security Innovation Alliance that will complement the partners’ cohesive, unified array of security solutions with advanced analytics software to improve visibility and reduce cyber risk.”

Analyst firm IDC’s inaugural Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide, 2015H2 Forecast Release, projected that businesses would spend an estimated $73.7 billion on security-related software, services and hardware in 2016 alone – a figure predicted to grow to $101.6 billion by 2020. Despite such substantial annual investment, IT teams most commonly manage a fragmented patchwork of security tools, each collecting massive amounts of data but with no means to interact or generate a holistic view of security. The result is blind spots that weaken the organization’s overall security posture.

“Organizations need a robust analytics platform to capitalize on all the security data that’s being exchanged – to reveal insights that are not being driven by the individual, siloed solutions themselves,” said Bradley. “Intel Security’s common data taxonomy creates robust opportunity for SAS to seamlessly deliver the enterprise visibility missing in today’s security ecosystems.”

The Intel Security Innovation Alliance’s mission is to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and simplify their integration within complex enterprise environments. As the largest pure play analytics vendor in the collective, SAS will assume a critical role in helping address industry’s growing need to respond more quickly to security events, optimize workflows, and achieve more with existing (and often limited) security resources.

“The Intel Security Innovation Alliance is driving a new era in security, where all components come together to work as a single, cohesive system, regardless of vendor or underlying architecture – and now with the benefit of SAS’ top-ranked advanced analytics to augment defenses through enhanced security insights,” said DJ Long, Senior Director of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance. “Together we will stimulate powerful new analytically driven workflows for security and compliance, reduce operational costs, and minimize the toll of adversaries threatening today’s business, government and consumer data.”

Today’s announcement came out of RSA Conference 2017, the world's leading security conference, being held Feb. 13-17 in San Francisco. To learn more, visit SAS at Booth N4308.

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