Unify customer data, understand digital activity and enable analytically driven, real-time activation with embedded customer data platform (CDP) capabilities

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SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 – Embedded CDP

Create a rich, accessible omnichannel view of your customers

Consolidate every digital interaction at the customer level, linking known and unknown digital activity. Detect digital events as they happen and perform identity resolution in real time. PII-free identifiers help synchronize customer data sources – online and offline, geodemographic, account-level insights, call center interactions, etc. – into a single profile.

Improve customer understanding, targeting and conversions.

Behavioral data collection

Collect user behavioral data from pages, screens and traffic sources across all digital properties.

Digital data capture

Capture data from virtually any type of digital platform with efficient HTML tagging, Javascript APIs and SDKs.

Customer interaction monitoring

Monitor goals, events, pageviews and screenviews, sequential navigations and other types of customer interactions.

GDPR & CCPA compliance

Ensure compliance with privacy laws for customizable data collection and transfer processes.

Identity management services

Aggregate data views for sessions, anonymous prospects, identifiable traffic and existing customers while updating user ID graphs in real time as new data is captured.

Deterministic matching

Join other first-, second- and third-party data attributes through deterministic matching.

Open data model

Translate raw semi-structured digital data into business-relevant information.

Configuration rule interface

Enable, standardize and automate digital data contextualization for your brand’s business model.

Keep your customer data where you want it

Unlike with traditional CDPs, there's no need to lift and shift all your data into a marketing cloud or CDP in order to use it. Pull only the data you want to activate when you want to activate it, taking advantage of your existing data infrastructure and saving money on data movement costs.

Cut data duplication and synchronization costs, control privacy and boost data quality.

Superior information management

Take advantage of bi-directional data flows (including download capability for identity resolution, marketing activity and results), streaming data and user-defined audience retention periods.

Hybrid architecture

Eliminate the need to move customer data into the cloud.

Unified customer view

Activate a unified view of the customer across all channels.

Contextualized, business-oriented data model

Use a flexible data model to perform analytics, integrate online and offline data, manage campaigns, make real-time decisions and more. It's available as SaaS, in stream or through an API.

Governance controls

Includes automated PII identification and redaction, data masking, data hashing and support for user-defined policies.

We believe that data is the new lifeblood to steer our service offerings to customers in the most effective and efficient way." Viking Europe Matt Steell Director of Data Analytics Viking Europe

Raise audience targeting and segmentation to a new level

Easily select customers and associated customer attributes directly from your cloud databases (e.g., Snowflake, GBQ, Redshift). Upload the data into SAS Customer Intelligence 360 for identity and journey management, personalization and activation – no IT involvement required!

Turn customer insights into highly targeted segments, create ideal product mix offers, optimize website strategies and determine the best timing for follow-up or retargeting efforts using our unmatched analytical capabilities.

Create audiences from different sources quickly and easily to better target customers and get faster results.

User-friendly interface

Easily create audiences, import data and orchestrate multichannel activity maps for creating interactions that span channels (web, mobile, email, external, etc.).

Accurate targeting

Create and select the most appropriate audiences for acquisition, retention and loyalty campaigns using graphically driven selection tools that give you easy access to data and analytics.

AI-driven data prep

Perform data masking, synthetic data generation and sharing, and resolution with privacy and responsibility.

Advanced segmentation

Generate segments for use in any channel execution using nodes for criteria, AND/OR, splits, prioritization, limits, custom code and the ability to use data from any entity level (e.g., household, customer, account, business).

Embedded AI & machine learning techniques

Gain deeper insights into audiences and segments for refining retention, cross-sell/upsell and response models over time. Use what you learn to adjust marketing tactics and get the best results.

Shape journeys and contextualize communications in real time

React to customer behavior instantly through real-time, two-way interaction between your digital properties and on-site applications. Eliminate the delay between collecting data and taking action, so you can deliver more relevant and timely experiences.

Our omnichannel journey orchestration platform includes algorithmic multitouch attribution, which gives you insights into how customers interact with your brand across channels. You can also send and receive third-party events in real time, and integrate with decisioning engines, display media platforms and marketing clouds.

Dynamically update customer information and audience segments, and contextualize customer activity, while facilitating real-time reporting, analytics and decisioning.

External API gateway

Stream events in real time in and out to any cloud or on-premises access point.

Collaboration & information sharing

Embed results of any dashboard, report, visualization or analysis anywhere to democratize customer insights across the organization.

Metric measurement & tracking

Choose metrics to measure and track success as your customers move through journeys or engage across different touchpoints.

Integration with decisioning

Elevate next-best-action capabilities (e.g., real-time propensity scoring, business rules and arbitration) to detect significant customer events and determine the best offer based on the user's current context.


Extend activation across your entire martech stack through integration with vendors like Adobe and Salesforce, as well as external activation to ad platforms such as Google and Facebook.

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Embedded CDP frequently asked questions

Is SAS Customer Intelligence 360 a customer data platform (CDP)?

  • Yes, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a comprehensive CDP that's embedded within our multichannel marketing suite. It gives you a single view of your customers, no matter where they interact with your brand.
  • We link anonymous and known users, synchronize online and offline profile data, and dynamically update identity graphs in real time. This gives you a 360-degree view of your customers, so you can target them with personalized marketing messages across all channels.
  • We also enable you to activate your unified customer data with AI-powered, right-time journey orchestration. This means you can deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel.
  • Our comprehensive analytics, next-best-offer capabilities, real-time decisioning and seamless integration with other marketing functions help you make better decisions faster. This shortens the time from insight to action, so you can get more out of your marketing investments.

What are the benefits of a federated/hybrid data architecture?

  • Our federated data architecture lets you keep your customer data where it is, in your existing databases. You only move the data you need for personalization into SAS Customer Intelligence 360 when you're ready to use it, and you only keep it there for as long as you need it.
  • Our Audiences capability makes it easy to move data on-demand, fast and without IT intervention. You can create audiences and journeys quickly and easily, without having to worry about data movement.
  • Keeping your data where it is has a lot of benefits. You can take advantage of your existing data infrastructure and save money on data movement costs. It also enhances privacy, because you don't have to store personally identifiable information (PII) in the cloud. And you can control how long customer data is held in SAS Customer Intelligence 360.

What privacy and security laws does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 adhere to?

  • SAS takes privacy seriously. We designed our platform with privacy in mind from the beginning, following the foundational principles of Privacy by Design in architecting and implementing SAS Customer Intelligence 360. 
  • We also enable you to control the data you collect in the SaaS components. This ensures that only the minimum data required is collected, and any data can be deleted immediately after use. Marketers can also keep PII out of the cloud and use strong data governance, data management and privacy features.
  • SAS has ISO 27001 certification for our CDP application, which is the gold standard for information security management. Our third-party cloud suppliers are also certified according to ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018, as well as SOC 1, 2 and 3.

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