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SAS 360 Match – Ad Personalization

Deliver a hyper-personalized marketing & advertising experience

Maintain control over your advertising delivery engine so you can understand which data and analytical models you're using to deliver personalized advertising on your owned and operated channels. With regulation continuing to tighten, now is the time to go beyond simplistic rules and black box big tech providers to embrace owning an ad delivery solution that works in your ecosystem, enabling effective ad personalization based on your marketing and advertising data. And with a solution that uses all accessible marketing and advertising data, your scalability increases and ad delivery speed skyrockets.

Create a positive feedback loop that encourages iteration and improvement through personalized advertising.

Ad personalization

Use your intellectual property – your customer data from both marketing and advertising repositories – to personalize ads and improve the customer experience.

Regulatory compliance

Keep your data in your ecosystem to maintain regulatory compliance whether you work in a regulated industry or region.

Consistent messaging

Serve third-party ads in conjunction with similar or complementary marketing to ensure consistent messaging and ultimately achieve uplift.

Better targeting

Partner with advertisers to serve ads to prospects and customers across a variety of digital platforms using the marketing data you already have on purchasing behavior and spending.

Profit center creation

Quickly create a profit center for your organization by using marketing and advertising data together for ad serving.

Embed real-time decisioning for customer-centric personalization & offers

Make ad content decisions based on real-time testing and live results.

Make guided decisions based on real visitor data, historical data and real-time data from in-progress interactions using relevant statistics, individual user insight and behavioral analytics.

Embedded AI & machine learning

Manage consumers, business rules and analytics in a converged solution with built-in machine learning and AI.


Analysts and business users alike can spontaneously implement and adapt content decisions based on simple or more advanced decisioning logic – the solution grows with you.

Embedded guidance

There's no need to wait for IT. With embedded guidance, marketing and advertising professionals can set up, run and finetune processes using integrated decision helpers.

Decision QA

Determine why an ad was picked. Run a complete trace showing all data activated and other considerations for serving an ad.

Decision logging

Enable short-term decision logging to track down discrepancies or integration failures.

Programmatic target testing

Build a target and test it from the SAS 360 Match user interface.

Flexible APIs

Easily integrate with SAS enterprise decisioning functionality using flexible APIs.

Benefit from open integration with all data & audience platforms

Leverage the zero-, first- and second-party data and audience information you need without the cost and risk associated with data movement and duplication. Increase ad personalization and targeted ad precision with information on customer behaviors, interests and demographics that resides outside of traditional advertising solutions. Create more robust audiences using data from multiple platforms – resulting in better performance and ROI.

Improve advertising efficiencies by streamlining the ad serving process, reducing the need for manual data movement.

Open APIs for greater flexibility

Customize the construction of your adtech stack to meet the needs of your unique advertising ecosystem and business strategies.

Data integration

Integrate with data exchanges, data partner networks and data clean rooms to augment your current data with needed second-party data attributes.

Simplified compliance

Simplify compliance by keeping data where it resides, and use a full audit trail for reporting and regulatory purposes.

Event scheduling

Keep pace with external conversions or views using our integrations to schedule external events, such as events from an external viewability solution.

Smart upload

Import ad tags from other systems.

Real-time analytic input into creative

Use our built-in analytics connector to configure truly dynamic or contextual ads.

The opportunity to be analytical about what one is doing and then drive commercial outcomes from that is very important." REA Group logo Jonas Jaanimagi Head of Media REA Group

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Ad personalization frequently asked questions

Can SAS 360 Match use marketing and advertising data together to personalize advertising?

Yes. You can join and place data into a customer data platform (CDP) or other data storage technology in order to create hyper-personalized advertising.

How do you make sure SAS 360 Match aligns with marketing technology (martech) stacks?

SAS 360 Match contains an API connector framework that allows for seamless integration with marketing technology solutions.

Will customer intelligence solutions from SAS integrate with my broader ecosystem and business strategies?

Yes. All SAS Customer Intelligence solutions integrate into the broader marketing and advertising platform ecosystems that exist at brands globally.

Does SAS 360 Match integrate with customer data platforms (CDPs)?

Yes. SAS 360 Match can integrate with a variety of customer data platforms.

What ad personalization use cases can SAS 360 Match support?

Supported use cases include:

  • On and off-site ad personalization and delivery.
  • In-stream ad personalization and delivery.
  • Various monetization use cases, such as data clean rooms and exchanges and retail media networks.

Want to learn more about ad personalization?

We can help you get started with SAS 360 Match. Tell us a little about yourself and a SAS advertising expert will get in touch to learn about your specific needs.