Trusted Decisions With SAS Viya on AWS

Make confident decisions and maximize your ROI from investments in data management, machine learning and AI.


SAS Viya与Amazon AWS珠联璧合,通过云计算,数据分析和机器学习,帮助企业最大化商业价值

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Press Release

SAS Raises the Bar for Cloud Analytics

Discover how SAS customers are benefiting from multiple cloud providers supporting powerful, agile SAS Viya.

Partner Brief


Discover how SAS on AWS provides a scalable environment that gives analytics capabilities to users across the enterprise.


4 Winning Strategies to Kick-Start the Next Chapter of Your Digital Transformation

Discover how successful organizations build a coherent analytics and AI strategy to differentiate themselves and seize a competitive advantage.

White Paper

SAS Viya and the Cloud: How SAS Is Changing the Game It Invented

Learn how SAS Viya takes full advantage of the cloud's scalability, providing a solution that delivers the latest, up-to-date capabilities.

Why choose SAS on AWS?

By bringing SAS Viya to the world's most broadly adopted cloud platform, SAS and AWS will help organizations of every kind make faster, trusted decisions and maximize their investments in data management, machine learning and AI.


Part of a larger community

SAS Viya is designed, tested and approved to leverage the same cloud services used every day by millions of AWS users.


Keeping it local

Ensure data protection and sovereignty by moving your computing to where the data lives. Plus, save money by eliminating unnecessary egress fees.


Fast start

Stand up applications faster with cloud-native deployments on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and manage your applications using the same tools you know and trust.

How SAS on AWS Can Help

SAS Viya has been designed to run natively on Amazon Web Services, bringing the longest-standing leader in analytics to the world's most comprehensive cloud platform.

Be open.

Enable business analysts and data scientists to collaborate with access to powerful analytics via APIs, open source languages and no-code visual tools.

Be flexible.

From a single data science workbench to a shared, massively parallel compute engine, provision only what you need, when you need it.

Be quick.

Machine-learning-driven automation, world-class model management and end-to-end governance enable you to prepare data and get models into production faster.

Customer Success

Working Smarter With SAS on AWS

  • Strengthening communities with analytics in the cloud

    Nonprofit consulting firm CNM uses SAS Visual Analytics on AWS to help other nonprofits measure and communicate the impact of their work.

  • Delivering a winning experience with machine learning

    The Orlando Magic is moving from big data to big results with a cloud deployment of SAS on AWS, storing and analyzing 20 years of data from more than 18 data sources on 100,000 players.

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