SAS® Quality Analytic Suite Features

Data management

  • Powerful data management capabilities (transformations, imputations, etc.) empower business users.
  • Data visualization capabilities enable users to better understand what data to analyze.
  • Flexible data models handle big data (structured and unstructured, M2M, IoT).
  • Natively leverage SAP HANA and Hadoop for a simplified IT footprint.

Easy analytic model building

  • Intuitive interfaces enable quality and reliability experts to visually explore data to identify hidden patterns.
  • Graphical system allows for easy creation of models to monitor system stability.
  • Step-by-step wizards take the guesswork out of model creation.
  • Automatic scoring makes choosing the right model easy.

Early-warning analytics & alerts

  • Predictive models automatically detect the likelihood of failure or issues.
  • Automated alerts notify key personnel of potential failures and latent defects for immediate action.
  • Executive dashboards give all levels of the organization a current status on critical KPIs.
  • Event stream processing engine runs models in the data streams, before they are stored, for true real-time alerts.

Root-cause analysis

  • A wide range of standard reports and analytic methods lets you accurately identify new patterns and correlations.
  • Visual data exploration and drill-down reports make problem solving a breeze.
  • Case management add-on enables development of an organizational knowledge base for more streamlined analysis.