SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure

Speed up deployment while reducing complexity and friction to deliver rapid results.​

SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure Architecture

SAS Viya integrates with Azure services at every level of the analytics stack – from data ingestion and preparation to building and deploying AI pipelines – all with oversight from Azure security and management tools.

Featured SAS Viya on Azure Integrations

Azure Machine Learning

Quickly and easily build and deploy analytic models to more places while maintaining strong governance and performance. With SAS Viya and Azure Machine Learning, you can:

  • Build analytic models faster. Use your programming language of choice. You can even use a visual drag-and-drop interface to quickly build model components without writing a line of code.
  • Move models to production seamlessly. Score, govern and select champion SAS and open source models within SAS Model Manager. Register the model in Azure Machine Learning to deploy to the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Make the best decision every time. Track performance across the model life cycle to determine when you need to retrain your model.

Power Apps & Power Automate

Everyone can make better, faster decisions by unlocking time and cost savings through automated decisioning. With SAS Viya and Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps, you can:

  • Make real-time, calculated decisions. Enable hyperautomation to take advantage of opportunities where time is of the essence.
  • Democratize enterprise decision management. Provide easy build and management experiences for people of all skill sets.
  • Elevate the customer and employee experience. Make infinite process improvements across the enterprise in areas such as:
    • Claims processing.
    • Credit decisioning.
    • Fraud detection.
    • Risk management.
    • Contextual marketing.

Azure IoT Hub & Azure IoT Edge

More easily stream from IoT devices across environments, enabling real-time decisioning and analysis both at the edge and in the cloud. With SAS Event Stream Processing on SAS Viya and Azure IoT Hub and IoT Edge you can:

  • Make intelligent decisions in real time. Apply in-stream automation, data curation and modeling.
  • Scale up and out without affecting performance. Capture insights anywhere at any scale by taking advantage of Azure edge and cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Apply total governance. Benefit from unified administration and management across your SAS and Microsoft environments.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Enrich data across multiple sources with SAS Viya and Azure Synapse Analytics. Quickly prepare and explore data using SAS Information Catalog and SAS Visual Analytics to get automated insights from your Azure Synapse tables. In-database scoring for Synapse Spark enables you to push more processing into the database, saving time and money by limiting data movement in Azure.

Azure Data Sources

SAS Viya uses high-performance connectors to source data from the Azure environment to provision data for downstream AI needs. Integrate with sources like:

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.
  • Azure Database for MariaDB.
  • Azure Database for MySQL.
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL.
  • Azure HDInsight.
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.
  • Azure SQL Database.
  • Azure SQL Server Big Data Clusters.
  • Azure Synapse.

Azure Security Services

Protect, govern and manage access to your sensitive SAS Viya workloads with Azure security services, such as:

  • Azure Active Directory for seamless authentication and single sign-on.
  • Azure Key Vault for certificate management.
  • Azure Monitor for monitoring and logging.
  • Azure Policy for total governance and dynamic rules enforcement.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Fully manage your SAS Viya container experience using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Spin up, spin down, replace and orchestrate containers with ease to accelerate and optimize performance across the most demanding analytics and AI environments.

Microsoft 365

Embed powerful analytical insights from SAS in your Microsoft 365 applications. Seamless integration between SAS for Microsoft 365 and SAS Viya facilitates collaboration and drives better-informed decisions.

Visual Studio Code

The SAS extension for Visual Studio Code provides SAS language features, including SAS syntax highlighting, color themes, code completion, pop-up syntax help, snippets and the ability to run your SAS code and view results directly from VS Code.​

GitHub integration in SAS Studio

SAS Studio includes integration with Git, a system for tracking changes and managing version control among multiple users. These features include cloning repositories, committing and stashing file changes, pulling and pushing files, viewing your repository history, creating and merging branches, rebasing a branch, and performing a basic differentiation between files in your local repository.​

Azure Confidential Computing

Empower more people to achieve decision-making breakthroughs through easy-to-use, AI-driven cloud analytics. Protect the privacy of your data while in use with Azure confidential computing featuring AMD Infinity Guard SEV-SNP technology.

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