SAS® Desktop Data Mining for Midsize Business

SAS Desktop Data Mining for Midsize Business is a complete data mining workbench that gives small and midsize businesses the ability to explore organizational data right from their desktop.

In one affordable and easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy package, the solution delivers data-driven insights to organizations of all sizes and skill levels.



Make reliable, evidence-based decisions.

With SAS, you can harness all your organizational data to uncover patterns and hidden relationships that help identify future trends, flag emerging issues and determine potential opportunities. Using powerful data mining capabilities combined with data preparation, exploration and enrichment, you can explore large amounts of relevant, quality data in a multidimensional manner to discover what's most significant for decision making.

Reuse models to boost efficiency.

To streamline efforts and to overcome limitations of analytic talent availability, users can save completed model diagrams for updates, later use by other people or to use in other projects.

Build better models, faster.

Rich, interactive visualization capabilities combined with an easy-to-use interface and SAS’ exclusive SEMMA approach to data mining help both experienced and less seasoned business analysts develop better models dramatically faster. Users can also choose from basic, intermediate or advanced prebuilt models to address common business problems quickly. Since no manual coding is required, the chance for error is reduced. Results can be presented in both statistical and business terms to give better insight to decision makers.

Invest in a solution that grows with you.

This affordable, install-it-yourself solution is based on the same user interface and features as SAS® Enterprise Miner™, so there's a direct upgrade path as your needs grow.



  • Analytic data preparation
  • Data visualization and exploration
  • Integrated suite of sophisticated modeling techniques

  • Model development, assessment and deployment with unprecedented ease
  • Model management and monitoring

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