SAS Visual Investigator

Effectively address a wide range of intelligence analysis and investigation management needs in the cloud.

Effectively address a wide range of intelligence analysis and investigation management needs with SAS Visual Investigator in the cloud.

Adapt quickly to changing needs. 

Confront shifting tactics and emerging issues head-on. Our open, data-driven, hub-and-spoke approach gives you the agility to adapt to new trends and business problems, access new data sources and expand the solution's use across your business as needed. User-friendly administration and configuration tools – such as an interactive, drag-and-drop page builder – let you design and deploy new intelligence assets, and tailor the solution to each user's needs without requiring expensive customization.

Expose hidden networks faster.

An easy-to-use network viewer backed by powerful intelligence analytics lets you visualize and interactively explore entire social networks and their layout. You can expand or trim the network, explore communities and individual relationships, and expose obscured patterns and hidden connections. Interactive entity resolution capabilities deliver the most accurate picture of complex relationships. Entity analytics highlights potential areas of interest, showing entity closeness, betweenness and influence. You can see the complex network of relationships between people, places, things and events over time and across multiple dimensions.

Conduct more efficient, targeted investigations.

A user-friendly interface empowers intelligence analysts and investigators to work more collaboratively and efficiently. Investigative workspaces provide interactive visualization and search capabilities for building, gathering, exploring, visualizing and manipulating data relevant to investigations and research. You can easily document findings by capturing views of search visualizations to narrate maps, timelines, networks and other content. Auditing information related to user activities is captured automatically by the system, and you can configure the level of detail captured to meet your compliance needs. In addition, you can design structured print templates that conform to regulatory requirements.

Turn insight into action. Fast.

We've automated much of the data management, triage and workflow to empower users and increase efficiency. With an easy-to-use interface, users can import data, perform advanced searches, and apply temporal or geospatial methodologies to identify key patterns, connections, people and events hidden in complex data. Alerts are intelligently prioritized for expedient triage, investigation and disposition. And analysts and investigators are empowered to initiate cases for deeper investigation, as well as actively route or make decisions on events of interest as they occur, virtually eliminating information lag.

Get convenient access anytime, anywhere. 

Now you can access SAS Visual Investigator on the go with SAS® Mobile Investigator. Users can search data, receive and process tasks, create new content and manage investigations from a multitude of mobile devices – all connected to SAS Visual Investigator with the added capability of device services such as GPS location detection on the map.

Key Features

Identify, investigate and act on suspicious activities and events of interest quickly and easily with self-service capabilities that govern the complete life cycle of an investigation, search or inquiry.

Search & discovery

Enables free-text, field-based or geospatial searches across all data. Refine searches with interactive filters and facets. Intuitive interface lets you build complex queries without having to understand specific syntax.


Lets you author scenarios to uncover anomalous events and generate alerts for analyst review.

Alert & event management

Uncovers events and triggers alerts using advanced analytical models, business rules, scenarios or third-party system integration. Prioritizes and routes alerts for triage, investigation and disposition. Automatically captures governance, audit and compliance details.

Entity analytics

Determines entity closeness, betweenness and influence with interactive entity resolution capabilities. View entire networks through the network viewer, and visualize complete networks and relationships using link expansion.

Case management

Enables workflow monitoring and administration. Users can easily see where current task fits in the overall workflow. Provides overview of completed and incomplete tasks, and generates reports showing individual user activity.

Investigative workspaces

Fosters collaboration with interactive work areas for building, gathering, visualizing, exploring and analyzing data related to investigations or research.

Administration & configuration

Adapts to changing needs with easy customization. An open data model and straightforward administration configuration mechanism let you design interfaces, components and screens for displaying and working with data.

SAS Mobile Investigator

Search anytime, anywhere with remote access from mobile devices. With device location services and mapping, you can search data, receive and act on workflow tasks and create new content. Administer mobile properties, page templates, contexts and design mode.

Cloud native

SAS Viya's architecture is compact, cloud-native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.

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