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Real-time distributed database

SAS with SingleStore

Confident decision making with greater productivity, reduced costs and simplified data access.

Supercharge your analytics on SAS with SingleStore.

SingleStore's ability to unify and quickly access transactional and analytical data perfectly complements SAS Viya's embedded AI and machine learning capabilities. The result? You can confidently operate your business, powering modern applications with enterprise data and real-time analytical insights.

Why choose SAS with SingleStore?

We're embedding the SingleStore database in our analytics platform to provide open access to data and accelerate analytical processes. SAS with SingleStore is a next-generation AI and analytics solution for gaining rapid, data-driven insights.

Flexible, open data access

Store data in a secure, high-performance framework. Curated data is available to SAS, open-source and third-party tools in a well-governed way.

Optimized costs

Drive down costs by reducing your analytics infrastructure footprint, simplifying your data management processes, and minimizing duplicate data stores and applications

Increased productivity

Minimize data movement and complexities at scale. Get greater value from your data with more efficient, effective analytical processes.

Expanded analytical insights

Provide easier access to all analytical data across workloads, applications and users. Effortlessly power modern applications for real-time analytical insights.

Key Capabilities

Simplified data architecture

Unify both operational and analytical workloads into a single, modern database.

Move analytics to the data

Minimize data movement by layering and co-locating AI and analytics in the database.

Ultra-fast data ingestion

Enable high throughput on concurrent data workloads through parallel processing, thus eliminating the need for overnight ETL jobs.

Reduced storage & memory footprint

Lower the cost of analytic decisions through highly compressed data storage.

Modern cloud architecture

Supports on-premises, public cloud and hybrid cloud architectures.

Data agnostic

Enable access to both structured and unstructured data, providing a true enterprise-accessible data layer.

ANSI SQL compliant

Access a broad ecosystem of real-time, streaming and batch workloads through ANSI SQL syntax.

Cloud-native services

Empower your organization with easily integrated cloud-native services of SAS Viya.

SAS with SingleStore delivers a highly scalable database to process AI and analytic workloads wherever a customer chooses to deploy them, breaking down those barriers, and rapidly and economically accelerating trusted decision making. Bryan Harris Bryan Harris Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer SAS

In the Spotlight

Live Webinar

Big Data, Small Footprint: How to Optimize Your Data and Analytics Infrastructure

Join us Nov. 8 (10 a.m. ET, 4pm CET) to learn how SAS and SingleStore are creating a unified engine to manage and modernize the life cycle and governance of your data and analytics initiatives.


Consolidate Complex Data Workflows Into Fast, Impactful Business Insights

Discover how SAS with SingleStore integrates multiple data sources into a coherent set of analytical-ready datasets that can be consumed by advanced analytical, AI/ML algorithms.

Solution Brief

SAS with SingleStore

Learn about our next-generation AI and analytics solution for rapid insights with simplified data access, reduced costs and improved productivity.

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