Create and interact with SAS® code easily.
Anytime, anywhere.

Easy web-browser access for both expert and novice users.

Integrated development environment

Customizable interface lets you easily access programs, data files, tables and libraries from one interface. Enables more efficient programming with features like autocomplete, syntax help, color coding, keyword shortcuts and more. 

Flexible task framework

Includes an extensive library of prebuilt tasks. You can copy existing tasks, modify them or create your own, and share with others without writing code. 

Flexible deployment options

The SAS server can be a hosted server in a cloud, in your data center or on your laptop with no changes to the SAS Studio interface. 


Conforms to your file management strategy with centralized authorizations and access.

Writing and running SAS® code has never been easier.

Run SAS® from anywhere. On any device.

SAS Studio is all about convenience and mobility. The web browser-based programming environment lets you access your files and do all your SAS coding from anywhere using your desktop or laptop – Mac or PC. Move from one device to another. There's zero footprint. No installation required. Coding through the browser on your laptop is as seamless as if you were in your office.

Work more efficiently, and get assistance if you need it.

SAS Studio will be familiar to SAS programmers who just want to write code. Programming tools help you work more efficiently with interactive feedback and prompts. Point-and-click code-generating tasks promote consistent programming, and code snippet libraries help with frequently performed jobs. There's no need to waste time repeating actions when you can create tasks that make the complex easy. You can also generate SQL queries just by selecting tables, sorting on parameters and filtering. Then access the code that was generated for you. And if you're not familiar with SAS code, SAS Studio includes visual point-and-click tasks that generate code – so you don’t have to. 

Learn it once. Use it forever. 

SAS Studio simplifies accessing and working with SAS technologies. And because SAS Studio is foundational to the SAS Platform, you can build a skillset that you can use throughout your career. Its intuitive interface makes it a favorite among students and professionals alike because it's so easy to learn. And experienced programmers like that it gives them easy access to all their SAS programs.

Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.

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