Generate large numbers of forecasts – quickly and automatically

Predict and plan for demand can:

Increase forecast accuracy by 10% - 25%

Decrease inventory by 15% - 30%

Increase on-shelf availability by 20% - 30%

Reduce waste by 10% -15%

Increase revenues and gross margin by 3% - 5%

Source: Business Case for Demand Planning (Gartner Report)

What does SAS Forecast do?

SAS® Visual Forecasting generates large quantities of high-quality forecasts quickly and automatically. This enables organizations to plan more efficiently and effectively for the future.

Why is SAS Forecast important?

The automation and scalability of SAS® Visual Forecasting enable even the largest enterprise to operate more efficiently by producing forecasts for a broad range of planning challenges as well as allowing forecasters to focus their efforts on the most important forecasts.

Our Use Case:

  • Streamline and automate your forecasting process.
  • Plan better for the future.
  • Produce forecasts that reflect reality.
  • Use of different types of hierarchies: Country, Region, Market, Point of Sales, Group of Product, Individual Product.


Automatic time series analysis & forecasting

Add events to models

Segmentation of project data

Neural networks & machine learning

Highly flexible forecast override

Hierarchical reconciliation


Accuracy of sales

Optimization of distribution and

Stock reduction

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This paper shows how businesses can achieve better accuracy and forecasting efficiency by understanding the nature of demand patterns

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