SAS® Users Groups

SAS Users Groups

Network, learn, teach and collaborate with other SAS users.

SAS users groups are independent, volunteer organizations run by SAS users. SAS partners with these groups and provides a wide range of services.

User Group Engaging Conversation

Benefits of Participation

  • Network and collaborate with other SAS professionals.
  • Enhance your professional skills and boost your SAS knowledge.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and new offerings.

You walk into a users group, and you have something in common with everyone in that room.

Nancy Wilson

Which users group is right for you?



Users from a single organization get together to discuss actual data usage.


Users meet throughout the year, bringing together a broad range of backgrounds within a city, county or state.


Users meet annually at multiple-day conferences within a defined geographic area. 


Users who are in a specific industry or share other similarities can join virtual groups.

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