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SAS Life Science Analytics Framework

SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework

Pharma analytics for everyone.

Efficiently transform, analyze and report on clinical trial data. Develop new therapies faster by giving everyone access to powerful pharma analytics. Only SAS delivers a cloud analytics solution for pharma that includes embedded analytic tools, support for data standards and optional integrated analytic applications.


Empower decision makers with approachable analytics.

Drive global collaboration among internal team members, consultants, contractors and development partners by putting easy-to-use pharma analytics in the hands of knowledge workers (in pre-clinical and clinical operations, medical affairs, etc.).

Streamline clinical research processes to gain instant insight.

Our capabilities allow you to support multiple analyses, track project progress and automate activities to lower costs, increase speed and efficiency, and deliver future high-value treatments.

Build confidence and trust with our proven experience.

SAS is widely accepted as the gold standard for providing statistical capabilities to determine the safety and efficacy of medicines in clinical research.

Expand information management.

A fully integrated environment spans from operational data systems through standardization, analysis and reporting, and post-approval meta-analysis.

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Life Sciences Analytics Framework on desktop
  • Ability to add analytics applications to solve business challenges. Integrate analytic applications – user-developed or from SAS – for a variety of business needs.
  • Rigorous statistical analysis and regulatory controls. Integrates regulatory compliance and control features with seamless development/execution of SAS programs.
  • Analytical data preparation. Provides full mapping of data source, data manipulations and final destination for data.
  • Repository that keeps pace with data standards. Implements and properly manages data standards and updates to speed time to market and contain clinical research costs.
  • Efficient workflow management. Provides immediate and ongoing insight into project progress for better control and deployment of resources and streamlining clinical R&D.
  • Superior information management. Includes a centralized clinical information repository that gives global access to a clinical pharma data analytics foundation for all authorized development team members.

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